Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Updates

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Let me update you on some stuffs. First of all, a great big shout out to the Rotary Club of South Oldham County for having me there today on my very FIRST public speaking engagement as an author. Everyone made me feel very welcome, and they served a pretty fine breakfast to boot! Congratz to "Brian", who won a signed copy of A Ranger's Tale for a door prize. 

If you aren't involved in a local Rotary Club, their motto is "Service Above Self". They are involved in many humanitarian efforts of service, one of which is the mission to eradicate polio worldwide. Consider joining your local club or make a donation to fund their projects.

Also, the "What'd Ya Say? Dialogue Contest!" is still open until midnight tonight. After that, I'm turning over the entries to my hubby, who will choose ten finalists this weekend. I'll be posting them next week for you all to cast your votes!

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In other news, my zombie short Herbert's Dilemma, was accepted by Fictitious Magazine to be published in the October issue. I'm happy to have found Herbert and his dilemma a good home in time for Halloween.

Until next time, have a great weekend and read a book or two!



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