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Interview with Gabriel Constans, author of The Last Conception

Please welcome fellow Melange Books author Gabriel Constans, who has just released 'The Last Conception'. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom!!

Gabriel Constans
Where are you from, and what do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m from Santa Cruz, a beautiful little city off the coast of California, about an hour and a half south of San Francisco. When I’m not writing I sculpt stone, read, eat chocolate and keep in touch with our children and grandchildren.

How did you come up with the idea for this book/series?

In some ways, this is an extension of my previous novel, Buddha’s Wife, except that it is completely fictional, takes place in contemporary America and challenges readers’ to think about what they would do if they found out they were the last in line of a famous spiritual teacher, who supposedly never had children.

Tell us about the writing process—what were your favorite and least favorite moments?

I enjoy everything about writing, except for waiting for others to get back to me, when I’m waiting for edits or feedback. Writing, editing, preparing the manuscript, publishing and letting people know about the story, are all pleasurable to me – really.

What’s your favorite cure for writer’s block?

It isn’t something I’ve ever had. The issue is usually the reverse, and that is to choose one out of many, stories, people or ideas and write about it.

Can you please share an excerpt?

Savarna tried another yoga pose. “Damn,” she said, losing her balance, just as the phone rang. She picked up her cell and answered.

“Hi, Sis. What’s up?”

Savarna’s sister, Chitra, had married Mike Nolan, an architect. Savarna loved him like the brother she’d never had. He was easy to get along with and always up for a joke or two, even if the joke was on him. Chitra and Mike were the same age. Their parents, Mira and Davidia Sikand, had been hesitant at first, since Mike had been raised Lutheran and wasn’t, as they said, “from quite the right background.” Her parents quickly came around when, after being married only six months, Chitra had been diagnosed with metastatic cancer. They saw their son-in-law lovingly and devoutly stay with their daughter through the horrendous but successful surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. If it hadn’t been for Mike’s determination, energy, and positive attitude, they were not sure Chitra would have fared as well as she did. “Savarna, could you stop and pick up some drinks for Mom’s party? It’s the only thing I forgot.”

“No problem. I’ll get some juice and chai. You know how much she loves her chai.”

They both grinned, certain the other was doing the same. Their mother could drink a gallon of chai and keep guzzling if more was offered. Then she would always complain that she had to go to the bathroom so often. It was a lifelong obsession that her children made fun of at every opportunity. When they were younger, some of their friends accidentally called their mother Mrs. Chai, having heard the girls calling her that themselves when she wasn’t present.

What’s your next/current writing project?

Having written the screenplay for The Last Conception, I’m presently contacting producers to try to get it made into a film. There are a few producers reading it present. We’ll see (hopefully, literally).

Here’s a totally random question: How weird are you? Let’s be scientific and determine the answer with this quiz I found. Be sure to share your answers and the final result for our weird readers J

So, I was only 96, which looks totally and completely in the middle of boring and not much less or more weird than anyone else (who took this).

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Author Bio:

Gabriel Constans previous novel, Buddha’s Wife, was highly acclaimed by writers and reviewers, such as Bell Hooks, Chitra Divakaruni and Robert Blake. It is presently being adapted for the screen, as is The Last Conception. Other works of fiction by the author include St. Catherine’s BabyThe Skin of Lions: Rwandan Folk Tales, and Zen Master Tova Tarantino Toshiba: The Illustrious and Delusional Abbess of Satire.

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