Monday, December 27, 2010

1000 visitors!! Time for something special...

We've had 1000 hits to "Unwritten", so time for a giveaway! Comment here, and on January 1, when Melange Books launches their new website, I'll draw a name and YOU can win a free copy of my first novel in the Tallenmere series--A Ranger's Tale !!

I'll announce the winner here, and when the book is out in February, I'll send a free copy to the winner. Get to posting!


  1. Me, me, choose me! It's interesting you say, "We've had 1000 hits..." since I thought there was only one great Mysti Parker. Unless you have a mouse in your pocket also named Mysti Parker? ;)

  2. Ha! I will join in too!
    Congrats on the 1000 (now 1021) visitors.
    I agree with "Lindsey", I thought only you, manage and own this blog?

  3. I intended "we" to include my loyal 11 followers, though it might also represent my real and "alter" ego, Mysti Parker (my pen name). Or possibly the dozens of characters vying for attention inside my head. Your pick ;)

  4. I assumed it was the royal "we". Also, I think it should be an autographed copy. :^D

  5. Can't wait to read "A Ranger's Tale".


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