Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Does Home Mean To You?

Today, I posted on Rachel Horowitz's blog, Fantasy Unbound as part of my virtual book tour. Head over there and comment if you want a chance to win an e-copy of A Ranger's Tale. Click HERE! (*18 and over only at this site*)

Here is a snippet of that post, so head over to Rachel's blog if you wish to read the rest. Enjoy!


      Such a simple word. Home conjures up different memories and emotions for everyone. We might look back on our childhood home with nostalgia and a smile. Perhaps you remember the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies when you arrived home from school. Mom and Dad read you bedtime stories and prayed at the dinner table. You remember potlucks and camping trips, tickle fests and lazy summers.
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  1. Great post! To me, home means freedom. I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want it. I can be me!

  2. Home means a place where I belong, am settled, and can relax. A place that is mine, that I can put my mark on.

    I think "home", to me, is more about certain qualities than a specific place, so whenever I move I am able to quickly call a new place "home" providing it has those qualities. It also means that, despite the happy memories of my childhood home, I cannot see that place as "home" now, because I no longer belong there.

    Does that sound strange?

  3. Not at all. My childhood home hasn't felt like home for a very long time, especially since my mom passed away. Home is where your heart is, they say, and the ones I love most are right here, so it's home.

  4. To me home means a place of sanctuary. Home is the place where I can shut out the often cruel world beyond my front door. Home is my comfort blanket, my shelter from the many storms life throws at you Mysti. Above all, being a guy, home is where I can slob out in my underpants and T shirt behind closed doors while reading a book or listening to good music, or maybe even simply watching the TV. :)

  5. Being a confirmed homebody who likes to wear her PJ's all day, I totally understand, Jack :)


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