Monday, January 30, 2012

It's The "Love at First Sight" Writing Contest!

In a great story or film, we all know the butterflies in the stomach feeling when guy meets girl and sparks fly. While I'm finishing up the sparks of Serenya's Song, and to celebrate the love of February, here's YOUR chance to show off your love-at-first-sight scenes.

And just for an example, here's a scene from Chapter One of Serenya's Song, where Jayden Ravenwing first spies the enchanting Serenya Crowe:

    I stepped through the door.  Soft piano music and the voice accompanying it—angelic, rich, soulful—stilled my footsteps. I finally made my way inside and slid onto a stool at the bar.  The bartender, an aging human with a partly bald head and pot-belly, asked me what I wanted.
            “Gingerroot tea, please.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the ebony-haired girl singing at the piano.
“That’s my daughter, Serenya. Lovely, isn’t she?” He retrieved a teapot behind him, added water, and set it on a small stove.
            “She is.”
            “Where is the one who holds the key? Where is the one who’s made for me?”
I’d heard the song she sang before, but the words had never resonated within me like this. I shifted in my seat. If I listened long enough, I feared her voice could unearth every secret I had. But, I had no intention of leaving now. I liked a good challenge.
“I’ve journeyed high, I’ve journeyed low, to heaven above and hell below.”
            Slightly pointed ears indicated she was half-elven, but she didn’t resemble the proprietor at all. I studied her white skin, pale as the ivory piano keys she commanded so well. Lustrous, black hair fell in waves over her shoulders. Rose red lips wrapped around each word of the song. An irresistible light sparkled in her eyes. Pure joy. I knew that feeling all too well. Very few women had even come close to understanding my passion for music. A familiar longing settled over me like an invisible net.
            The teakettle whistled. The bartender filled my cup. “Haven’t seen you before. Don’t get many wood-elves down here. What’s your name?”
            “Jayden Ravenwing.”
            “Douglas Barnaby. Welcome to the Wasted Witch. New in town or just passing through?”
            “Just moved from Leogard.”
“Then, welcome to Summerwind, too. It’s just a spot in the road, but I think you’ll like it here.”
            He nodded and walked away to serve other customers. The spicy aroma of fresh ginger met my nose as I sipped and listened. Maybe this would be a decent town to reside in after all.
            “Years have passed, but I’m not free. My love—too late he came for me.”   
The final note of the song sent chills across my skin. The audience applauded. I lifted my hands to do the same, but decided that gesture was too paltry for such talent. She deserved something more.
 In 500 words or less (PG ONLY PLEASE), send me a scene from a finished story, WIP, or even a brand new flash fiction. Show me how your guy or girl reacts to meeting their perfect match. It might not be all butterflies and roses, but we should be able to tell that an impression was made!

I'll take entries from now until midnight on February 14--that's right, Valentine's Day! Depending on the number of entries, I'll either post them all for voting or pick finalists and THEN run a vote.

Winners will get a $10 Amazon Gift Card, plus an exclusive interview right here on Unwritten.

***TO SUBMIT: Send all entries to the link on the sidebar that says, "Submit your entries..." Please put "Love at First Sight" Writing Contest in the subject line so I can easily spot them!

Now, get to writing!!!


  1. Thanks, Mysti, for all the opportunities you give to other writers. I have sent in my contribution. Lots of love

  2. Mine will be coming as soon as I can get to my PC to send it.

    Thanks Mysti for having this contest!


  3. Will be sending mine in too!


  4. Great, Anna, looking forward to it!

  5. What a fantastic contest Mysti. I will most definitely be posting this blog link on my Facebook page. If you are interested, you can check out the story I tell of how I chose my husband over another man. Mind you, this is NOT a fictional story. I am not entering the writing contest. But my husband and I have been married for 13 years and the story STILL gives me chills. So, if you are interested, pop on over to my Coffee Time Romance & More reviewer page.

  6. What a beautiful story, Danielle!!! I think a lot of people underestimate the power of prayer, even in matters of the heart. Everyone go look at Danielle's story!!

    Oh, and you forgot the "e" at the end of your name in the link above.

  7. Sending mine in momentarily…

  8. Congrats on your #3. :) That is fantastic news!

    I'm at 548 words for my entry. Grrr. Time to kill some. I'll try to get it in tonight!

  9. This was fun, Thanks. I just sent mine. My characters really wanted 1200 words but we had a talk and chopped it down to 492!

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