Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Like Unwritten? I Need Your Votes!!!

I've made into the running for eCollegeFinder's top 75 Writing Blogs. The polls have opened, and I need YOUR votes!

On the sidebar, you'll see a button. Click it, scroll down the list, and vote for Unwritten. I'll also include it here for your convenience:

Online Colleges

Here's some of the information from the e-mail I received today:

Based upon the responses received, we have finalized our list of the top 75 nominees and featured each alphabetically on our site. You can view the page here: http://www.ecollegefinder.org/writing-award.aspx

In addition, we have created a page in which visitors will be able to place votes for the blogs they feel are the best writing resources. Visitors may vote as many times as they’d like during the voting period, which will continue through February 3, 2012 at 5 PM EST. This page can be accessed through the blog list or at the following url: http://blog.ecollegefinder.org/writing-blog-award/

When the voting period ends, the 3 blogs with the most votes will be announced in the eCollegeFinder blog and each winner and finalist will be presented with an official Top Writing Blogs Award badge to display their accomplishment.

The more votes, the better my chances. Please share this on your blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I've worked really hard on this blog to make it a helpful, fun, and informative website for writers and readers. I appreciate all your support!



  1. My chances are slim, but it doesn't hurt to try! Thanks Jack!

  2. Well, since this is one of my favorite blogs and since I love me some Mysti, there ya go. 5% now :)


  3. You got my vote. I wish you all the best hun. Even if you don't win - your blog is still awesome :)

  4. voted yesterday and voting again today. hope you win mysti.


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