Monday, November 12, 2012

The Latest Bzz

Whether you like it grilled, fried, or baked, fresh pork is pretty hard to beat. One of my latest campaigns as an active (and hungry) BzzAgent is called "Pork: Be Inspired". I received a very nice $5 off coupon in the mail just a few days after joining that proved to be all the inspiration I needed.

At my local Kroger, I found a nice-looking package of boneless butterfly pork chops. Look for these in the fresh pork section with a label called "Silver Platter". At only $.79 after my coupon, I was a happy shopper indeed! I looked through all the recipes provided in my BzzKit and decided to try the Grilled Pork Chops With Basil-Garlic Rub. Since the weather wasn't great for grilling, I improvised and baked them instead.

Twenty minutes or so later, I used the handy thermometer that also came in my BzzKit (see why I get excited about this stuff?) and took them out at the recommended 145 degrees. Both chops were succulent and tender. Hubby and I ate every bite. I think he even licked his plate. Saves on dish washing, don't ya know?

For more plate-licking recipes, visit: and like their page at

Do you have a dog (or two or three)? Are you constantly searching for something yummy AND healthy for your picky pooch? This BzzAgent campaign had me clicking JOIN as soon as I saw it.

Our old boy, Charlie, a very smart half-rat terrier, half-Jack Russell, is spoiled and picky. He actually prefers cat food and table scraps to most dog food, though I don't indulge his fancy that often. Looking for a dog food he'll actually eat without and enjoy, however, has been a challenge.

Soon as my BzzKit came in the mail, I drove off to our local PetSmart and found a 16 pound bag of Eukanuba senior formula for small breed dogs. The coupon I received said it would cover up to a 20 pound bag of food, but upon checkout, I still ended up paying a couple of dollars for it. Not a biggie, since the food retailed at $37.99!

I fed it to Charlie the next day. So far, he's been eating it for about a week, and while I can't say we've found a food he'll gobble down quicker than the kids' leftover hot dogs, he at least eats it pretty well. The 3D DentaDefense hasn't done much for his teeth yet, or at least not that I can tell from the black light included in my BzzKit. But, it's still early.

We'll definitely be staying with this food at least until its gone. Whether I buy the Eukanuba brand again is yet to be determined.

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