Saturday, April 27, 2013

WEEKEND Spotlight: Nature - Reflections of Our Lives by Rebecca Barray

About the Book:

The beauty of nature, reflecting the milestones of our lives. Rebecca Barray takes you on a photographic journey of life, as shown through the world around us: birth, betrayal, love, passion, and old age.

Artist’s Statement:
“Nature: Reflections of Our Lives” is a collection of nature photographs depicting the milestones of our lives. This work contains photographs of nature, symbolizing events from our lives, such as birth, love, betrayal, passion, and old age. It opens with a landscape of the sunrise and a seed sprouting from the soil. It closes with a fall forest scene and the night sky. The middle contains  images of the world around us that represent common life events.
This visual delight would make a GREAT gift!!

 ***Leave your NAME & EMAIL in the comments below for a chance to win one print copy of the book. Drawing 5/4/13***

Here are just a few of the gorgeous photographs (all images copyright of Rebecca Barray):



Looking Back




  ***Leave your NAME & EMAIL in the comments below for a chance to win one print copy of the book. Drawing 5/4/13***

About the Artist:
Rebecca Barray is a mommy, writer, reader, photographer, and perpetual student. She spends most of her time chasing toddlers, but her precious free time is spent writing, photographing, and learning as much as she can about anything. She has three energetic children, a fun-loving husband, a messy cat, a lazy dog, and some very resilient fish.
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  1. Wonderful pictures Rebecca.

    TJ Marshall -

  2. Beautiful photos, Rebecca. Way to go!

  3. gorgeous - already fueling my poetic muse -
    Congrats on this work of life, Rebecca!

  4. This sounds like a nice collection. Lovely pics.

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. love your artistic eye!


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