Friday, June 28, 2013

Giveaways and Upcoming Events!

As July draws near, you have several chances to follow my craziness and win a free book or two.

You can enter to win a free SIGNED PRINT of Hearts in Exile here (ENDS July 1):

Ever been embarrassed to write love scenes? Read my tips in this article, and you might gain a little courage:

You can win an e-copy of A Ranger's Tale, the first book in my Tallenmere fantasy romance series here:

You can win an e-copy of Hearts in Exile HERE:


I hope you'll take the time to enter these giveaways. You have nothing to lose, and a FREE BOOK to gain! Starting July 1, I'll be embarking on a month-long book blog tour for Hearts in Exile. I'll share every stop here so you can have a chance to win the book and some great prizes!


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