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WEEKEND SPOTLIGHT: Legacy of the Dragonkin by Dan Wright


Legacy of the Dragonkin
Dan Wright

Benji Dragonkin wants to be a hero, just like his mother, Queen Daniar Dragonkin. One problem - he has no idea what it takes to be a hero.

In the lands of Drewghaven, the Kthonian Knights return from their imprisonment, keen to continue their path of destruction. Their leader, Jihadain, has an old score to settle with Daniar. And may just break her spirit in the process.

But things get a little more ominous when Daniar is given a warning that “She is coming...”

The sequel to Trapped on Draconica, Legacy of the Dragonkin is an amazing adventure story for any Manga or Fantasy reader. Follow the laughs, drama and action as Benji takes his first step into the realms of heroism.


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Excerpt From Chapter 19 – Long Overdue Grudge Match

Daniar went to one knee, clutching her belly with her free hand. Her insides were crying out in agony, as if a fire was burning through them. She lifted up her head, looking straight at Jihadain. She seemed to be glowing with a purple aura, although Daniar couldn’t tell if that was just the pain making her hallucinate. Jihadain was smiling wickedly – a smile that made Daniar want to get up and punch her stupid face, which she would have done had she the strength to do so.

‘What’s the matter, Daniar?’ Jihadain asked, disappointed at how lacklustre this battle was thus far. ‘You’re a lot slower than I remember. Have you gotten soft in your old age?’

Daniar was inhaling and exhaling huge breaths through the gaps in her clenched teeth. She had started the fight feeling exhausted and her body ached all over. Jihadain, by contrast, was yet to break sweat. ‘Then again, you never could best me in a fight, could you Daniar? How many battles is it that we’ve fought? Four? Five? They all seem to blur into one for me as they always have the same outcome.’

She waited for Daniar, expecting her to say something. Daniar however, had yet to catch her breath.

‘What? No witty retort? No comeback? Don’t you always do a heroic speech at this point?’ Jihadain cleared her throat, then spoke in a slightly higher and droning pitch than normal, sounding slow and unintelligent. “You’ll never stop me, Jihadain. As long as I have breath I will never give up!”

She laughed out loud at her own joke, but Daniar did not share the humour. ‘You used to have heart, Daniar. Now it’s like you’re not even trying! What satisfaction am I supposed to get in destroying you if you don’t fight back?’

Daniar summoned up what strength she could muster and pulled herself to her feet, swaying from side to side and feeling that she would fall over again. ‘I have no words...’ she panted. ‘You’re right; I do talk too much... So I think I’ll let my sword do the talking.’

She charged at Jihadain again, leaping into the air and spinning round once. Her foot launched itself at Jihadain’s head, but the knight had already seen this move and ducked it before Daniar’s boot was anywhere near her forehead. Her fist launched itself into Daniar’s stomach again, further exacerbating the damage to her organs. Daniar tasted blood in her mouth as she let out a choked grunt.

Jihadain placed her metal hands around Daniar’s throat and held her in the air. Still holding her sword with her other hand, she extended her forefinger and pinkie and touched Daniar’s body.

‘You really have lost heart, haven’t you, Daniar? Perhaps I can add a jolt to bring it back to life.’

Daniar screamed as Jihadain blasted her with dark energy – her body glowing with purple lighting. Daniar felt as if her skin was on fire. Jihadain chuckled madly.

‘You want the pain to stop, all you have to do is beg me!’

‘Go... to... hell...’ Daniar grunted through painful cries.

‘THAT’S the Daniar I remember!’ Jihadain exclaimed with excitement. ‘Now you’re starting to get the hang of it!’

***Please leave your NAME & EMAIL in a comment below for a chance to win one of THREE e-copies (Kindle or PDF). Drawing on June 8 ***

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  1. My daughter is a huge fan of manga, and I just love anything written. This sounds like a great book. My name is Jeannie Langston, email is

  2. This looks like a fun story. I really enjoy fantasy and have not quite figured out the difference between fantasy and manga fantasy, so am really looking forward to the adventure :) Thank you for sharing it with us.


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