Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Didn't I See That?

Don't you love those de-motivational pics? My husband and I crack up at these. This one speaks to me though--not in a Mr. Ed sort of way, either.
It reminds me of all the "problems" I encounter in my writing. They ought to be obvious, and sometimes they are, but more often than not, I have to rely on other readers to point out the horse in my hole, er, issues that effect my story.

Which is why I highly recommend getting some good critique partners if you are serious about writing with a goal of publishing. These, unfortunately, shouldn't include your friends, coworkers, spouses, significant others, parents, Sunday School teachers, or your mechanic. Ideally, look for other writers who wish to be critiqued as well. They'll point out your proverbial horses in the hole, and if you do it often enough, you'll finally start to see your own horses in the hole before they become a problem.

Many critiquing sites exist either online or in your larger towns. You can even form your own, if you know some other writers locally. If you're a reclusive full-time mama like me, I'd suggest www.critiquecircle.com. Membership is free, unless you upgrade to a premium membership. You'll find a place for any genre you're interested in there. Since I joined last fall, I have learned to spot my horses in the hole better than ever before. Now if I can just keep them from falling in there in the first place...

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