Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the heck is Tallenmere?

It's a world of fantasy, of magic, of intrigue. Is it Tolkienesque? Perhaps. But there are no orcs. Orcs are so overdone. And elves in Tallenmere aren't nearly so perfect and mysterious as Tolkien's elves. They have their skeletons in their tidy closets.

Mostly, Tallenmere is a world in which my imagination can run wild. It's the stuff dreams and nightmares are made of. Epic romances can emerge as love at first sight, and terrible tragedy can happen in a flash.

In Tallenmere, you'll find elves--high elves, wood elves, dark elves. There are, of course, humans, that most rigorous and versatile of races. You'll find faeries, barbarians, dwarves, halflings, ogres, and trolls. You might even find a secret race or two as the stories unfold. What you'll always find is romance, mingled with suspense, and you'll never know what the characters might do or go through next (I hope).

We'll begin our journey of Tallenmere in it's largest land, the land of Innessa, named after the creator goddess of the high elves.

Innessa is divided into four provinces. To the west lies Leogard, home to high elves, humans, and halflings. It's the largest province, and is ruled by the high elf King Leopold Vaeloria. The capital city, Leogard (yes, same as the province), can be seen for miles, surrounded by a tall, white wall. Until Leopold's reign, Leogard was closed off to much of the world. Now, with Leopold's devotion to the god Omri, he has opened up the city to the rest of Tallenmere, and conducts his own crusades in nearby lands to bring Omri's peace to the hurting.

In the east is Faerion, home to faeries and dwarves. It's capital city is Faewood, a popular tourist destination, known for it's music, architecture, and food. The Eastwood mountains of Faerion are vast and mysterious, filled with some unusual creatures, some of which can be quite deadly.

To the north is Hezral--cold, rocky, and home to some very hardy humans. They're fishermen and traders, and rumor has it they have a vampire problem.

In the south lie the swampy lands of Yggrich--home to warring bands of ogres and trolls. Every now and then, they emerge to cause problems in Leogard. Good scouts are needed to keep these uglies in check.

Thanks to all who've visited and turned over the 500 mark! I've no more books to hand out yet, but when we get to 1000, by golly, I'll do something special.

For now--I'll open it up to any questions about Tallenmere you might have. Post em, and I'll answer the best I can.

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