Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Review of "Shattered Dreams" by Anna James

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Natalie and Reed had it all--newlyweds, head over heels in love, and both successful in their careers. Then, an unexpected pregnancy threw a wrench in their lives. Though Reed had warmed up to the thought of the pitter patter of little feet, Natalie wasn't so sure about her feelings, especially when she spent 90% of her time in the bathroom. However, she had just begun to get excited and hopeful when the unexpected occurred. Now, after suffering a miscarriage, Natalie and Reed's relationship is at the breaking point. Add to that some competition for affection from the outside, and things are not looking good for this new marriage.

This is probably my favorite so far of Anna James's Bradford sisters trilogy. Natalie and Reed felt very real to me. Ms. James did an excellent job in bringing them to life on the page. The secondary characters, Natalie and Reed's siblings, added a nice depth and flavor to the story. Far from cardboard "extras", I could tell how supportive they were. The couple's plight to overcome loss and pressures from the outside world was a poignant journey. I flew through the pages, rooting for this couple.

 I recommend this short read for any contemporary romance fans out there!

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