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Third Review for Serenya's Song!

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May 03, 12

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Read from April 26 to 30, 2012

Between a rock and hard place…or even worse, Serenya Crowe finds herself caught between her tyrannical husband, Sebastian, who is the Earl of Summerwind, and the wood-elf of her dreams—Jayden Ravenwing. Set in the fantasy realm of Tallenmere, Ms. Parker holds nothing back in “Serenya’s Song,” as Serenya’s life spins out of control due to ghastly visions, dark secrets about her true identity, wild escapades involving a ferocious need to feed, and the unstoppable attraction she feels toward Jayden further complicates this woman’s life as well.

Against all odds, with hopelessness ready and willing to destroy her, Serenya continues with her dangerous quest to understand her past so she’ll have a bright future. In doing so…she becomes a force to be reckoned with, indeed. I loved that this half-elf commoner was beautiful and intelligent, free-spirited, and mostly that she had inner demons to deal with, because complicated characters are always more interesting! At times tough as nails, and other times desperate for love and a sense of belonging, Serenya is a very likable character who feels the full weight of her mistakes causing her much pain and regret. However, Serenya is a strong woman and knows the future is worth fighting for.

Jayden Ravenwing, oh my…he is a good wood-elf! If you’ve read Ms. Parkers’ “A Ranger’s Tale,” then you’ll see how far he has come from Leogard and his failed marriage to Caliphany. Brave, charming, a gifted musician (like Serenya), and ready to sacrifice his happiness for hers…Jayden loves Serenya the right way—with his mind, body, and soul. Jayden and Serenya are so good together that I hope their story continues.

A powerful story, “Serenya’s Song,” is a joy to read and will linger in your thoughts because it shows how determination and courage, mixed with the support of others, can make dreams come true. Ms. Parker takes you through this whirlwind of a fantasy story quickly and with great skill. Some of my favorite parts are…

“Dull and lifeless, the cabin offered no solace. Without Caliphany there to greet me with a kiss, without Mollie reaching for me with her chubby little arms, I had nothing but my own thoughts as company. I wished I hadn’t visited the tavern tonight. That song had reminded me of everything I missed—Mollie’s giggles, Caliphany’s warm body sleeping next to mine, even the smoke from her cooking attempts. The floorboards groaned as I closed the door and strode to the table.”

“As I spoke, I fixed my eyes on the painting. This one had not been a dream, but a memory. The sun set over nearby mountains blanketed with snow, and below them, a forest community set among towering ebonwoods, some as wide in diameter as the cabins of the village. I rolled my shoulders around in a useless attempt to quell the itching on my back. I felt Jayden’s stare.”

“I leaned against my side of the carriage. Tears dripped on my cheeks. I turned my face away to hide them. All I needed was a little affection, some tenderness from him. His cold desire and my physical need for him tore at my heart. I pushed away memories of Jayden’s gentle touch. I had to put it behind me. I’d made my choice.”

“We dismounted and walked the last stretch, leading our horses toward the Haddo burial mounds. The forested road opened up to a wide meadow, where large, round hills full of tombs, one for each clan, dotted the landscape. Wildflowers and lush green grass topped each one of them. The Sandleton clan’s mourning song drifted on the breeze. We reached a low stone wall that spanned across the path.”

Okay, I’m about to “insert” the entire book! It is marvelous. If action/adventure, scorching-hot passion, deep dark secrets, and ridding a fantasy realm of an ancient evil appeal to you, do check out “Serenya’s Song!”


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  2. Actually, this one is a review for MY latest book :) And no movie reviews yet, but you never know. I like trying new things. Have you seen the May contest?

  3. Love the insert of the book. The writing flows and gives a real sense of place.

  4. Thank you Lindsey and Francene!


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