Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Read N' Win Blog Tour & Vacation Bound!

Friday night, hubby and I are hitting the road with our three kids. Destination: Clearwater Beach, FL.
It's really a pseudo-vacation, since hub's actually going for a business conference and we're tagging along. Three kids in tow means I'm not going to get to nap or read much on the beach, but it'll be the first time our kids have seen the ocean. Hubby and I have not been there since our oldest was but a peanut in my womb, 11 years or so ago.

Needless to say, I've spent the entire week buying and packing for the trip, plus helping out with Vacation Bible School at our church. Unwritten will have to remain, well, unwritten for a little while.

However, starting July 15-July 21, I'll be back on a week-long Read N' Win blog tour, hosted by Page Turners Book Tours. This is a new endeavor from Kate and co. over at Read2Review, so I hope you'll come visit me. I plan to keep up with my iPhone while warming my toes in the sand, so I'd love to see you guys visit my tour stops.

Here's the schedule:

July 15th: Ami Blackwelder - Guest Post

July 16th: My World - Review

July 17th: Reading, Writing And More - Interview

July 18th: Pandragon Dan - Interview

July 19th: Close Encounters Of The Night Kind - Guest Post

July 20th: CMash Loves To Read - Author Spotlight

July 21st: Read 2 Review - Review

***PS: It's an approximately 15-hour long trip from here in KY to Clearwater Beach. Pray for us if you're so inclined. With three kids, it'll likely be longer. Or send positive thoughts, burn incense, and invoke the spirits of traveling to keep us safe and sane!


  1. Positive thoughts are coming your way! I hope you have a great time!

  2. Clearwater is beautiful. Enjoy!
    Good luck with the kids.


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