Thursday, October 25, 2012

October Flash Fiction #11

Mark Glamack

The mountain settles into a deafening quiet for a moment, but
shakes again, this time with the ominous sounds of heavy footsteps.
Everyone backs farther away from the entrance as smoke and then
fire appear ahead of the Goblins up the path. But these flames are rising
away from the entrance from inside of a rock ledge that extends out
over the mountain.

The fire whirls around and then explodes outward,
revealing The Necromancer’s distinctive form as he faces the cavern’s
entrance. The Book of Darkness materializes in his hands. He slips The
Book into a large pocket on the inside of his robe, then settles, standing
erect as he stares at the dark entrance to the cavern.

The heavy footsteps of Dragon stop, and again all is quiet until
The Necromancer softly commands, “Dragon, come forth.”

All is deathly silent and still. Suddenly, an explosion of fire jets
out of the cavern entrance engulfing The Necromancer in flames.

The Goblins panic, running as they retreat farther down the path.
The Necromancer remains omnipotent with only his robe fluttering
backward from the force of the blast, and then it settles as the flames
disperse. The Necromancer remains still as he once again summons

“Come to me,” The Necromancer commands again, waiting for
Dragon to show himself.

The six Masters of the dark arts, now at a safe distance, are startled,
astonished and impressed by what they have just witnessed. None of
them possesses powers anywhere close to being able to arrive in such
a manner, let alone survive such a blast of fire. And now, to see him
standing before Dragon unprotected, vulnerable to the serpent’s deadly
size and strength, leaves them all speechless. Gar turns, glancing back to
the others, whispering, “What’s happening here?”

Eyes bulging, Stickle whispers to himself, “He is truly the One.”

The Necromancer continues to wait as he once again says with a
calm, soft, raspy voice that builds to a loud command, “Come to ME!”

The sound of discharging steam echoes from inside the cavern and
then fades into complete quiet.

Everyone waits.

The silence ends in rage as Dragon bursts forth from the entrance, charging straight for The
Necromancer. The Necromancer extends his staff toward Dragon and
just before the serpent crashes into him, he whispers the words, “Ictus
Petiteum.” Magic explodes from his staff and, in one big “POOF!”

Dragon is reduced to six inches in size.

Shocked, the tiny Dragon bounces off The Necromancer’s body,
hovering in front of him, frantically flapping its wings. The Necromancer
extends his left hand forward slowly turning his palm upward. Dragon
continues fluttering his wings wildly as he floats down and lands on The
Evil One’s left hand.

“That’s better, Dragon,” he says, looking down at a now helpless
winged lizard. He pets the tiny reptile with his thumb as the six
Masters begin to slowly back away. Without so much as a glance, The
Necromancer says softly, “Where are you going?”

The six stop in their tracks as Ingram nonchalantly shrugs his
shoulders. “Nowhere,” he shivers, cracking a half-twisted smile.
“That’s good. You would have missed the best part,”
Necromancer purrs and then commands, “Bounty, et interment et lair.”

While still thumb-petting the lizard Dragon, he motions his staff toward
the wagons, and magic whooshes from the staff to the first treasure
wagon, following to each of the other wagons until the entire bounty
glows with a putrid green mist.

The Necromancer continues to pet his lizard as the treasure magically
rises from the wagons and zooms into the large cavern, shooting over
an abyss and its crisscrossing labyrinth of paths, nosediving down
another abyss, disappearing into the blackness below.

Distant sounds of his treasure crashing below are heard reverberating from the cavern.

The Evil One begins walking toward the entrance of the cavern as
he says to the lizard, “Come, little one…I’ll show you your new home,”
when suddenly he’s distracted. The Necromancer stops, turning to his
six servants. Derodimy is trying to hold his robe down from bulging
and jerking around. He pushes hard against the robe reducing its

“Derodimy,” The Necromancer asks curiously, “What do you have

Derodimy is silent and with a guilty smile, shrugs his shoulders,
which relaxes the hold he had on his robe. The Golden Fife zips out of
his robe and zooms over to the entrance of the cavern. In a flash, The
Necromancer grabs onto it, stopping its flight in midair. The lizard is
flattened, but really only dazed, from under the weight of the Fife. He
slowly opens his hand while the lizard squirms from under the weight
of the Dwarves’ golden artifact.


“Oh, now see what the bad magician has done,” he sighs facetiously
and then closes his hand over the lizard and the Fife. The Necromancer
then turns his attention to his learned servants.

“You would steal from Me!” he roars while staring them down.

“It wasn’t like that, Master. It’s just a little bauble. It’s nothing. Would
you deprive us this little thing…a little something for your teachers?”

The Necromancer stands motionless for a moment, then changes
his tone, softly saying, “Perhaps you’re right. Come ― I have something
I want to show you.” The six exchange glances among themselves and
then walk over to their Master.

“Hang onto your wits,” he tells them and then shouts out,
“Ehportsatacue,” slamming his staff onto the path.

Fire surrounds them and in a flash they all disappear in a puff of
smoke. The Goblins look on in bewilderment, but soon crack evil smiles
of sadistic pleasure in anticipation of what the Master may do next.

By way of introduction my professional history includes director, producer, and writer for family entertainment in the motion picture and television industries; a patented inventor; elected to six terms as a Governor for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and now author of the award winning "Littluns: And the Book of Darkness." My full bio can be found at
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