Sunday, January 6, 2013

Name That Dragon!

While I'm writing about Loralee, the Dragon Keeper and her paladin knight in shining armor, Sir Robert, here's a little contest for you all to jump in on!

A dragonling is about to hatch in Hearts in Exile, and she needs a name. Submit your name suggestions, and I'll choose my favorite. When the book is ready to publish, I'll make a special mention of the winner in my acknowledgements and will send you a signed, print copy! One name suggestion per person. Contest ends 2/28/13.

Submit your awesome dragon name to the Facebook event page:

And be sure to like my Mysti Parker fan page while you're at it! ~Mysti


  1. my AWESOME dragon name submission ~ Daerakeena

    hi, there. :D

    1. How creative! Thank you! :)

    2. since i found the event, i'll post it there also. and yw. :D

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