Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where Am I?

It's usually a legitimate question, since I can 't remember why I went to a room half the time.

However, today's question is NOT that at all. With Hearts in Exile on the horizon, I'm traveling around the blogosphere sharing my writerly wisdom and giving stuff away. I'll share where I've been regularly so you won't miss any of the action.

Take a look at where I am right now. Leave comments, ask questions, enter to win whatever's up for grabs!!! And thank you a million X 2 for all your support.

Billabong Dreaming Blog: 
If it Ain't Workin'--A guest post about witching gears when you're not getting the results you want:

The Writers Voice: Interview
I'm discussing Serenya's Song, Book Two of my stand-alone fantasy romance series and a few of the challenges of worldbuilding, making characters real, and other stuff.

Literary Meanderings: Interview/ Excerpt/ Giveaway
Here, I'm talking about my writing style, themes in my books, and how I react to bad there's an excerpt of Book Three, Hearts in Exile AND a $15 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs!

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