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NEW RELEASE: "Finder's Tome" by TJ Marshall

Hello everyone, they call me TJ.

Click the MAGIC LINKY!!
Surprised you, huh? I bet you were expecting Mysti’s wonderful wit we’ve all grown to love. Nope, not today.  Mysti has handed the reins over to me.

Now, before you all head off to other blogs, I can assure you that I do have something to say… Er, let me find my notecards. I know I just had them. Oh, here they are.

I’m supposed to tell you about my new book. It’s called Finder’s Tome, and it’s available right now on Amazon as an e-book! You can find a link to it below, or maybe Mysti will do some of her magic and make the cover picture into a link. I’m not sure how she does that, but it’s pretty neat.

Well, that didn’t take long. (Mysti: Of course not. I'm that good!)

Nice day, huh? (Mysti: Get on with the book, will ya?)

What was that? You want to know what the book’s about? Alright, here’s a brief synopsis.

Finder’s Tome is an exciting epic fantasy set in a magical realm named FourPosts. Jacob “Feather” Moore, a clumsy turnip farmer’s son, races to find an ancient key and bring it to the Deadly Gates before an army of Trolls is released. Pursued by elves, monsters and a dark wizard, Feather’s only hope lies in the visions he’s shown when reading the Finder’s Tome.  

Oh, hold on a minute! Here’s an excerpt from the book I think you might enjoy. In this scene, Feather had just been told he’s the only one who can read from the Finder’s Tome and is now working out how to do it.

Feather flung his hands in the air. “This is impossible!”
Geoffrey grinned as he stood. “Nothing’s impossible, Feather. You just haven’t worked out the secret yet.” He led Feather to the bed and motioned for him to sit. “Now think. You’ve told me before that when you read, you hear the words that are written. But does the book actually speak?”
Feather looked up at the old man with renewed respect. He grabbed the tome and placed it in his lap like he normally would while reading. He visualized a picture he had seen in a history book; it was of a large iron key with a skull at the top. Feather looked down at the book and thought, Where is this key located?
The corner of the first page rolled up as if an unseen hand tried to turn it. Feather’s thumb held it in place. He moved his thumb and the page flipped to rest on the front cover. Then another did the same, only faster this time. Then another and another. Each time a page turned, it increased speed. The pages eventually moved so fast, Feather felt a breeze against his forearm.
When the last page was turned they flipped the opposite direction. Soon, they moved back and forth so rapidly they blurred.
Please, show me where I can find the key. Feather sent the thought again.
The pages rustled to a stop midway through the book. A white light peeked out from the binding along the stitching. It was dim at first, but brightened until Feather couldn’t see anything beyond it.
A voice, soft, gentle, and yet masculine, spoke in Feather’s mind. He recognized the voice as his own.

Amongst the wastelands the Key does hide,
And sits upon its throne.
A shadowy tomb carved from North’s tide,
Where Eagle’s flag is flown.

As it spoke, a landscape appeared all around him, replacing the small room at the inn. He was suspended above a desert bordered by a dark blue sea. The desert ended in impossibly tall cliffs. Carved into the cliffs, two humongous eagles, with wings spread and touching, stared out to sea.
The voice continued.

But if you manage to find the Key,
Touch not, you now are warned.
For in the rainbow you’ll surely be,
You’re task will then be scorned.

With the last word, the light disappeared and Feather found himself back in the room. Geoffrey squinted and leaned forward, examining Feather. Dillon was on all fours, back arched, teeth barred and tail straight up.
“Where did you go, son?” Geoffrey asked after a moment.
    “I’ve been where the key is.”

Anyway, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you Mysti for letting me be here today (Mysti: Anytime!), and thank you, readers, for being here.

Happy Writing!

BIO:  TJ Marshall spent the majority of his adult life in the US Army, and during this time, had traveled to more than two dozen countries as well as visiting nearly every state. A veteran of both Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror, TJ finally decided to retire and start a new life in Texas with his two daughters Courtney and Shea. A newcomer to writing, Finder’s Tome is TJ’s first novel, but in the short time he’s been writing, he has produced countless short stories, one of which was the winner of an internet writing contest hosted by First Page Last Page. TJ is currently working on a second novel titled The Struggles due to be released in summer 2014.

TJ can be found here:


  1. TJ, I love this book and I'm sure everyone else will, too.

    Mysti, thanks for hosting him today.

    Hope I pass the full-body search. Just remember that pin in my shoulder is supposed to be there.


  2. Hi TJ & Mysti. I enjoyed reading your post and I highly recommend Finder's Tome to young and old alike.

    I'm proud of you, TJ.

    Best wishes and lots of luck on sales.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Leo. I'm glad you enjoyed it.



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