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Interview with Pamela Turner, author of Exterminating Angel

Where are you from and what do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m originally from Wisconsin, from an area that was flattened by a glacier. When I moved to Kentucky, it was the first time I saw actual boulders. I’ve lived in Kentucky so long now, I consider it home.
When I’m not writing, I like to make book trailer videos, watch Inspector Lewis, photograph cemeteries and Victorian houses, and watch anime and read manga.

How did you come up with the idea for this book/series?

The idea for Exterminating Angel came about because I wanted to create an archangel who was essentially good and honorable, but managed to screw up his career in the worst way possible, by unwittingly unleashing a demon.

Tell us about the writing process—what were your favorite and least favorite moments?

Starting the book has to be the most difficult process for me because I need to get the story down before I can go back and edit it. I usually do a lot of prep work before writing the first draft, including gathering pictures for an inspiration board, doing character sketches, outlines, etc. It’s a matter of trying to bring everything together into a cohesive whole. Then a few drafts, although I find the more writing experience I have, the better my drafts are, so they don’t require quite the amount of rewrites they would have otherwise. They’re not perfect, but I know what to avoid. J

What’s your favorite cure for writer’s block?

A few shots of whiskey or brandy, and hoo boy, that writer’s block goes down the proverbial drain. Granted, so does the story… Oh, wait. Sorry ‘bout that. Actually, for me, having several different projects in the pipeline staves off writer’s block.

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Can you please share an excerpt?

From Exterminating Angel:

Michael clamped Zaphkiel’s shoulder. “If you don’t stop, I’ll report this to Ophaniel.”

Squeal to Ophaniel, the bastard who’d betrayed his lover to the Seraphim? He shook off Michael’s hold and spun the bloody knife in midair, tip aimed at Kurt’s heart.

“Dammit, Zaphkiel. You don’t want to do this.” Michael’s voice came to him distorted, as if through a cavern.

“Yes, I do.”

Kurt stared wide-eyed and scrabbled back, but invisible forces pinned him against the magic circle while the blade buried itself in his chest. A high-pitched hissing, like air leaking from a balloon, escaped his slack mouth. He pitched forward, a dead weight.

Blood drenched the circle, steaming and sizzling on the strange markings. A chill, accompanied by a malignant, sewer-like odor, rushed through the room, ruffling their clothes and hair.

Zaphkiel reeled, gagging, tears brimming in his eyes. Letters and symbols shifted and changed. The summoning should’ve stopped when he killed Kurt. “What’s happening?”

Michael raised his hand as if to strike him, stern face livid. “Goddammit, Zaphkiel! I told you not to kill him.” 

He stepped back, lowering his arm, and shook his head. “If you hadn’t, the ritual would’ve failed. 
Congratulations. You’ve unleashed Sorath.”

Heart sinking, Zaphkiel sagged against the wall. The bloodstains and writing dissolved until the floor showed no evidence of a magic circle.

What’s your next/current writing project?

I’m currently revising Hell on Earth, an Exterminating Angel spin off, plus The Judas Dilemma, and Serpent Fire (the second book in my Angels of Death series).

Here’s a totally random question for you: You’re window-shopping in a little hippie-chic town, and find the “Pet Shop of Terror”. You just have to go inside to check it out. Unfortunately, once a customer comes in, they can’t leave without buying a pet. Your choices are: A) Carnivorous flop-eared bunny--feed every 2 hours or they feed on you;  B) Teleporting tarantula--give him lots of compliments and keep his terrarium impeccably clean or you’ll wake up at 3am with him crying on your face; or C) Telepathic parrot--he can read your every thought and will blurt them out at the most inopportune times (i.e. when you’re in “the mood”, when your parents are over, when you’re on the phone, when the soccer mom you secretly hate stops by to ask you to donate to the “clean up our doggie doo” fund…)

Oh, the carnivorous bunny. If you’ve ever seen or watched Pet Shop of Horrors, “Daughter” serves as a warning to indulgent parents. And if you think rabbits are sweet and timid, read Watership Down. I owned a rabbit. It may not have been carnivorous, but it had teeth and sharp claws.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Thank you for having me. J


Pamela Turner drinks too much coffee, and wishes she could write perfect first drafts. Publications include the paranormal short novels Death Sword and Exterminating Angel, both from Kensington Publishing Corp.’s Lyrical Press imprint, and the paranormal historical mystery The Ripper’s Daughter (BlackWyrm Publishing). Her short, dark suspense story “Family Tradition” (MuseItUp Publishing) was a finalist in the EPIC 2014 EBook Awards, and Death Sword is a finalist in the Chanticleer Book Reviews Paranormal Awards 2013. She’s a member of RWA, Sisters in Crime, EPIC, and a supporting member of HWA. Besides coffee, she likes cats, cemeteries, and old abandoned buildings. You can find her at http://pamelaturner.net

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Twitter @PamelaTurner


  1. Thanks for having me over today, Mysti. Appreciate it. :-)

  2. I loved this interview. I find Canadian Rye helps when I have writer's block. The only problem is I have to wait for my Uncle to bring the proper stuff when he visits us in the UK.

  3. What a fabulous excerpt, and that's a great way to kick the writer's block. Must remember that. :)

  4. Thanks, Joanne. :-) Yes, the whiskey or brandy works wonders... Oh, wait. LOL

  5. Oh heavens, that excerpt was riveting. You really evoked a lot of sensation. And holy cow! You are one busy woman.

  6. Thanks, Gemma. I think there are many of us who try to avoid a situation, only to inadvertently trigger it. How we deal with the aftermath is what matters.


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