Saturday, November 15, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness + Big Giveaway #15

Welcome to November and Unwritten's next BIG event, 30 Days of Thankfulness, featuring a tremendous giveaway that will be PERFECT for a reader on your Christmas list...or a gift for yourself!!! We are giving away a...

Yep, you heard me right, but that's not all. All authors participating in this month's event have also generously donated a Kindle copy of one of their books so you'll already have some great stories to read when you curl up with your new Kindle!! To enter, just complete all the easy entries on the Rafflecopter on the bottom of this page. Today let's hear from author TD Jones and what she's thankful for:

Thankful For My Job

As I get closer to retirement I’m becoming more and more thankful for my job. I’m lucky to have a job that gives me satisfaction and a place where I’ve made a successful career .

There have been times, many times, which I’ve had no desire to get up and go into work.  All I wanted to do was stay home and write, but having a full time job has given me the ability to enjoy my writing career without the stress of having to worry if I’m going to make any money at my dream or not. 

I’m thankful for my job, because it not only provides me with the income I need, but I’m able to help others too. I know there are many people less fortunate than me and it gives me pleasure to know I can contribute to their well-being.  The holidays are one of my favorite times of the year and sharing is one of the best feelings ever.

Yes, I’ll admit I’m counting down the months till retirement, but without my job, there would be no excitement to look forward to.  So you might hear me grumble about going into work sometimes, but there will never come a time when I don’t feel truly blessed to have it.


Teresa Jones writes under the name of T.D. Jones for contemporary romance and Monet Manchester for romantic suspense. Under her first children’s book she writes as Teresa Jones.
Readers can find her at:

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  1. I am thankful to have a part time job, even though I only work about 18 hours a week. Would love to find a full time job that pays well ao that I can get a car and a place of my own.

  2. I'm very thankful for my family.


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