Sunday, January 4, 2015

NEW February Blog Series: Let's Get Scientifical!

Hiya authors! Since I usually do a February blog series surrounding the subject of love, I thought I'd do it again. This time, we're going to add a little science to the mix. In an article of 500 words or less, write about some scientific aspect of love involving the characters in your book. It can be biological, psychological, societal, etc. For more details, and to sign up for YOUR spot, visit the link below: 

NOTE: Dates for Feb. 1-4 are at the BOTTOM of the signup sheet. Don't ask... :)

Some ideas: 

  • if you have characters in the Regency period, what were some of the cultural norms regarding love and marriage? 
  • If your characters live 100 years from now, write about what you think love will be like in the future? Will we all come from test tubes? Will gay marriage no longer be illegal?
  • If you have fantasy characters or sci-fi characters, write about their reproductive cycle and compare it to real-world research. Do they lay eggs, have long gestations, control their ovulation?

Grab a date on our schedule here. Send your article to mystiparker(at)yahoo(dot)com, along with your latest book cover, buy links, contact links, profile pic, and bio. Get your research hats on, peeps, and lets make this a series even Bill Nye would proud of. :)

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