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30 Days of Thankfulness + Big Giveaway #4

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by Tara Fox Hall, author of Eye of the Storm (Promise Me Series Book #10)

There are a lot of things I’m thankful for on an ongoing basis: publishing my various series, my family, my friends (local and online), my health, my work, and my home, to name a few. I might gripe and complain about my life, but the reality is that I really enjoy where I am. I’m looking forward to the future, as bleak as the worldview might be these days.  So it might be odd to some that I’m devoting this blog to forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not something that’s big in my family. In fact, I grew up thinking that holding a grudge was something to be proud of, that you should never let someone get something over on you, and if--God forbid--they did, you should never forget or forgive it. This wasn’t encouraged out of malicious intent, but out of the need to not be taken advantage of, that one might not make the mistake of going back for seconds of a dish that was pretty nasty or costly the first time you got it served to you. Now while I agree that standing up for yourself is very important, especially to people who want to use or hurt you, there is a time to let go of past transgressions. It’s good for mental health. It’s good for your soul. It’s even more important if the person that you’ve been loath to forgive is yourself.

This past year, I deliberately have tried to let go of my presupposed notions of what my perfect life should be, and started taking joy in the small moments of bliss, be they getting a story accepted, receiving praise from a fan, enjoying a stunning sunrise or sunset, or quiet moments with friends, or my pets. I’ve really tried to let go of my exacting nature, to be a kinder person to others, and to forgive myself my own faults, because they make me who I am, for better or for worse. I can forgive my life for not being perfect, in spite of my best attempts to make it so. And I am thankful to you, my online friends, because it was you who taught me the importance of this, and that the peace of personal happiness, not perfection, is the state of being to aspire to.


Bio: Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, erotica, horror, suspense, action-adventure, children’s stories, and paranormal romance. She is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series and the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series. Tara divides her free time unequally between writing, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice. All of her published children’s stories to date are free reads on www.childrens-stories.net.

Eye of the Storm, Promise Me Series Book #10: Sar and Theo move on from Sar’s affair with Lash, struggling to build a new life with their werecougar son Devon. Rebuffed, Lash resumes his solitary existence, biding his time. Ulysses lurks in the shadows launching repeated attacks on his enemy Devlin, whose darker side emerges rampant in an effort to protect those he loves. The vampire Danial prepares his dhamphir son Theoron for manhood, even as Ulysses delivers a last crippling blow to Devlin in his relentless quest for revenge.

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to join in the fun, Mysti! :)

  2. A very inspiring piece, Tara. Everyone needs to read this.

  3. im thankful for family and friends


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