Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you literally GROWING as a writer?

See, 'cause writing isn't exactly a form of aerobic exercise. It's more of a brain thing. What few calories are burned with those pecking little fingers of yours are offset by that tall mocha latte and the donut you keep nibbling on all morning. Actually, I'm pretty sure the calories from those goodies override the ones lost from the keyboard pecking.

Okay, so here's the deal. We (which I'm sure you understand as "I", but it makes me feel better when I include the rest of the understand) are not getting fit by sitting in front of the computer eating and pecking out our next best-seller (that delusion is another thread altogether). So, we have to make some changes. It's that tired old New Year's resolution all over again. Call it "losing weight" or "getting fit" or "trying not to split our pant seams"--whatever, but the point is, we need to step it up.

Chances are we have a dusty treadmill and weight bench somewhere hiding in the basement, or hidden under clothes or  our kitty's litter box, so let's get that stuff out, set it up somewhere sensible. In front of a big TV is nice. Nature lovers might want a big window where they can watch the birdies and squirrels duke it out over the stale donut remains we just threw out.

Start with something manageable--20 minutes a day. Too much? Ok, 10 minutes. And do some stretches. Throw in a few push-ups. Don't forget those neglected abs. We can sit in a chair and do ab excercises--trust me, I've done it.

To up the stakes, as one writer friend on FB suggested, for every overused word (we could also add adverbs, dangling participles, etc) that we find, the penalty is 10 squats or 10 sit-ups, the choice is ours.

So, after all this Christmas candy/cookie/sugar and trans-fat overload is complete, let's get moving. Grow as a writer in talent alone, get fit, increase the blood flow to our brains so we can peck out that next best-seller.

All right, now who's with us?


  1. I am! :)

    Actually, I have a workout ball that I leave right next to my bed. It is horrible to look at and I want to put it away somewhere, but leaving it there makes me sit on it twice a day and do my crunches.

    No matter how unsightly it is, it works right where it's at!

    *tossing out the donuts*

  2. I am! I am! I went to the dentist office yesterday, and the trip wore me out. Pathetic! Of course, I've also got this cold that will not give up its mission to take me down, but still! As soon as I get better, I need to do something, anything besides exercise my fingers over my keyboard.

  3. Lindsey, I took three kids to the grocery with me yesterday. I was ready to lie down and hibernate for the rest of the winter by the time we got home. Actually, I was just happy that I didn't strangle anyone. :) Get better soon!

    Diane, I have an exercise ball too--in the basement with the dusty treadmill. The kids have great fun with it :) Maybe I should try the by the bed trick...hmmm.

  4. I certainly am growing. Of course I didn't realise it until I went back to read a story I've written and submitted on CC earlier this year to find myself making corrections here, rewriting here and nodding "much better". It may not be a huge grow but I did grow.

  5. Akoss, Now that's the kind of growing that is good!

  6. Yes, yes I am growing.

    I donated my unused exercise equipment to goodwill. I am a realist in that area. :^)


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