Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The good, the bad, the ugly

My new office and desk: good.

Throat on fire, fever, and chills: bad.

Spending so long in the doctor's office and pharmacy that we're feeling worse than ever: ugly.

At least I'm back in the comfort of my office. It's quiet down here in the basement. Got my nature sounds CD's, no kids running amok, and some warm tea with honey for my throat. Now all I need is a lounge chair for napping.

What's that? Am I actually going to write in here, you ask? Or just listen to "Caribbean Breeze" and nap all day? Of course I'm going to write, you ninny. I'm writing right now, aren't I? What do you mean blogging doesn't count? Ok, ok, I'm slowly working on rewriting yet another romantic fantasy, and after the new year, I plan to get way more productive than I am now. I DID just move and it IS just a couple weeks before Christmas. Give the poor sick mama of three a break, will ya?

Speaking of more ugly, here's a question for you. This one trips me up big time. I'm not a planner. I've tried outlining some stories. I've got an outline for a historical romance done, and I've done a few character outlines, which can be helpful, but extensive story planning to me is about as fun as waiting all day in the doctor's office with two sick, crying children (just ask me how fun that is--go ahead).

Do you plan your stories? And how extensively? And is there a way to make planning them fun? Writing is work--yes, got that. I work very hard on what I write and revise, but the whole planning it out thing just hasn't stuck with me yet. I'm not even sure how essential it really is, but there's your question of the day/week/whenever I get around to posting next.

The comment area is open. Feel free to write away. I'll get more tea.


  1. I wrote a good comment, but wasn't signed in to wordpress. When I clicked "back" to try in again, after signing in. It was gone.


    Not a happy thing. I hate it when they do that.

    In any case, I think it's like scrapbooking, or choosing an there a best way? I doubt it. All depends on your goals, level of intricacy, and how your mind likes to work.

    You can probably both go with your own flow and learn from the flow of others when you get stuck and want a new approach.

    Hope that helps!

    And we want pics of the office, duh!

  2. See Facebook. Got one up so far. :)

  3. Hrm, planning.

    My Current (first) story is kind of a combination. I did outline the first part of it, and when I get stuck, I will switch back to planning mode.

    I think it is the programmer in me. Default is to outline, then write.

    To me, outlining just lets me write the plot on fast forward. If I am excited about where the plot is going, then I can get through it quickly, maintaining that hyperactive excitement. Frequently, when I go back and actually write it out, I find myself straying from the plan, but it is usually better anyway, so no worries.

    My next story will definitely be fully outlined before I start writing. I find that it makes it easier to know what to do next if I get stuck.


  4. The outline seems to have worked well for the historical I am about 2/3 through. My goal is to actually finish the first draft in the coming year(Originally, I wanted to finish it this year, but got sidetracked). Anyway, I've found myself veering off while I write the actual story, then going back to change subsequent events in the outline. For that story, at least, it's been helpful.


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