Friday, May 6, 2011

Recap of my Tour Stops This Week

It's been a busy week with my virtual book tour for A Ranger's Tale. Here's a little recap of where I've been in case you missed it. Some of the stops have a giveaway along with it, so if you haven't read ART and would like to, comment on one of those posts for a chance to win. Click on the links below to be my groupie at this weeks' stops!

May 3: Interview with Jacqueline Paige

May 4: Guest Post "Are We There Yet", Giveaway, and a Review at The Scarf Princess blog

May 5: Interview at Adventures of the Cautionary Tale

May 6: Interview and Giveaway at Across the Border

All right, now people--don't be shy! Come show me the love, and spread the word! I'll keep you updated on next week's stops as well. The tour runs through May 18.

Have a great weekend, and curl up with a good book! Don't forget to peruse this blog to catch up on some other great authors I've had here recently.



  1. Congrats on all the publicity, Mysti! You so deserve it. I'll have to order A Ranger's Tale.


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