Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review of Oathen (Legend of the Shanallar, #2) by Jasmine Giacomo

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Having read The Wicked Heroine, Book One of this duology by Jasmine Giacomo, I expected this one to be just as good. I am happy to report, however, that is was better than good. It was fantabulous!

The first book introduced us to the four-hundred year old Shanallar, the snarky, immortal heroine known in this story as Meena. She, along with a fairly large cast of characters, set off on a very long quest to find the Dire Tome, a book that may very well destroy all the world if an evil cult gets their hands on it first. In Oathen, the team finally reaches their destination, but the journey is still fraught with peril. Lives are lost, hearts are broken, new alliances are made, and secrets are unsheathed that kept me turning the pages.

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While the first book's pace was a little slower than I'd like in some places, this one was pretty much non-stop action and intrigue. This was probably because it was a continuation leading up to the climax and conclusion. However, I thought the author did a superb job in tying all the loose ends together in this edition. The characters were incredibly unique and complex. I enjoyed spending time in each environment the quest passed through. And of course, I highly approved of the romantic elements throughout. The ending was both expected and unexpected--but I'll let you discover what I mean about that yourselves.

If you enjoy high fantasy, then add The Wicked Heroine and Oathen to your reading list. Go ahead and stick them right at the top of said list. You will not be disappointed.

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