Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Follies

Last night I did a telephone interview with Desmond Haas. Super interviewer--he's an author and posts audio interviews at I probably sounded stiff as a board, but I'll be posting the link for the interview as soon as it's available. One of these days, I might get used to talking to people. I wish I could be as articulate in speech as I am in writing. There's another lesson I'm learning...the hard way, of course!

Today, I'm also over on Cindy Borgne's blog for a written interview. Stop in and say hi! Click HERE.

Now to the fun stuff. Or weird stuff. Funny and weird, maybe.

I had the STRANGEST dream last night...

In this dream, I looked down at my abdomen, where four little bumps appeared. Yeah, it sounds gross at first, but keep reading. They grew until one of them burst, and a black and white caterpillar fell out. Then it happened again and again--all these little black and white caterpillars popped out of me and fell to the floor. Needless to say I was freaking out in dreamland.

Here's the funny part.  When the caterpillars hit the floor, they immediately morphed into tiny black and white cows about the size of toy soldiers and darted all around my feet. I woke myself up from my freak out, then died laughing. This was about 4 am. Of course, I woke up my husband and told him all about it. We both had a good laugh and went back to sleep.

Now, if only Serenya was here to iterpret THAT dream!


  1. Lol, you're right, tiny cows are hilarious. Though I can see why you freaked out in dreamland. Um, have you watched Alien lately? O:)
    I too wonder what Serenya would say about that dream. Probably that you'll win a life-time supply of milk. Or that you're slowly becoming lactose intolerant :p

  2. I've always considered myself to have an ability to interpret dreams (not to Serenya's extent), but I can never interpret my own.

    Lord help me if I'm become lactose intolerant. I keep the dairy farmers in business buying ice cream and milkshakes. :)

  3. LOL @Stefanie, I was thinking Alien as well. @Mysti - have a couple of shots of vodka before your next interview - you'll sound much more at ease, more comfortable in your voice. Just don't go for the third. ;)

  4. Should have thought of that. Not drunk, of course.

    I could image the interview:

    "Ok, so tell us about your book."

    "My what???"

  5. HA! That's a weird dream, Mysti! I hear you about speaking being harder than writing. Speaking sucks. :)

  6. That dream is good enough to write a flash fiction story about it! :)

  7. Dreams are weird and can sometimes be inspirational for story ideas.. the cows is funny:) Last night I dreamt that I had a huge tattoo around my body of a rope... strange.

  8. Can't say I've had caterpillars crawl out of me in a dream. But I did have dreams of standing on other worlds and knowing specific scientific details of those planets.

    I wrote them down to post in the extras page of my website, Walking Other Worlds.


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