Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Means Free Books!

I'm feeling generous and spunky, so I've got all kinds of giveaways going on! Let me fill you in...

1. Today, I'm over at the You Gotta Read Guest Blog, where you'll I'm talking about A Ranger's Tale and giving away a free e-book to one lucky winner. All you have to do is answer the question there and leave your e-mail.

2. Don't forget The Great Canadian Giveaway! From now (Canada Day) until July 4 (USA Day), click on Mr. Speedo to hop around the other blogs and enter to win many different titles, including mine!

3. I'm giving away one signed print copy from Goodreads, so be sure to enter that one starting July 4 until July 22 (my birthday). You'll just need a Goodreads account for that (free and easy!).

4. The Romance Studio will be drawing for a free e-book of A Ranger's Tale on July 11 in their Book-A-Day Giveaway! 

So, lots and lots of chances this month to win a fun fantasy romance!

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