Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Canadian Giveaway!

You may have noticed Mr. Speedo on my sidebar. He's celebrating Canada Day, which happens every July 1. And nope, I'm not from Canada, but I've met some really lovely Canadians. Starting June 30, you've got four days to head over to the Love, Laugh, and Read blog to find some great summer reads. 

As part of the blog hop, I'll be giving away one e-book (.pdf or .html) of A Ranger's Tale! If you'd like to see more about it, or read some nice reviews, please visit my Goodreads link:

And CLICK HERE to read an excerpt!

Click on Mr. Speedo to see the other entries in the blog hop

Want some extra entries to win A Ranger's Tale? Sure you do! Just:

1. Follow my blog (1 entry)
2. Follow me on Twitter @MystiParker (1 entry)
3. Follow me on Facebook--Fan Page or Friend Page (1 entry)
4. Fan or Friend on my Goodreads Page (1 entry)
5. Repost this post on your own blog and mention my book (5 Entries!)

***Please leave your e-mail in your comment, along with each extra thing you did, and you just might walk away a winner!  (Sorry, Mr. Speedo is not included)***


  1. You know some things are too good to be true, don't ya? ;)

  2. YEAH Mysti!

    Already have your e-book and have read it--but thought I would comment anyway. THis is a MUST read!

    I will try to make the chat--how do I get to it?

  3. Hey Tiggs, You click on the yahoo group link, ask to join the group, follow instructions, and you'll find the forum chats under the "messages" link on that page.

    It's all yahoo group forum format. So if you plan to attend, try to join now so the moderators will accept your membership. (You can always delete membership later if you want)

    And thanks for the lovely comments!


  4. If you haven't read A Ranger's Tale, be sure to enter this contest! It's a wonderful, fast-paced adventure/romance. :)

  5. +1 Following your blog on GFC (Darlene)

    +1 Following on Twitter @DarleneBookNook

    +1 Follow by RSS feed on Facebook--Fan Page

    +1 Fan and Friend on my Goodreads Page

    My email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Darlene!

  7. Woo I'm your 100th follower:)

    +1 following your blog
    +1 following you on twitter

    My email address is

  8. Amendment to my post... the twitter follow should be goodreads follow... silly me:) Fingers are too fast.


  9. So this is wishing Canada many more years of blissful existence.

  10. Thanks for the contest! I added you on goodreads and followed you on my!

  11. Great contest. Your book sounds like I need to read it....very soon!! Added it on Goodreads!!


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