Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Live Interview 6/15 on Blog Talk Radio!

Be there...or be somewhere else :)

My Kentucky accent alone should be entertaining. See you at 6:30 EST, 5:30 CST, and 3:30 PST. I don't know any other time zones, so you'll have to figure it out yourself if you live elsewhere. I'm also directionally challenged, but let's not go there. I might get lost. Ha!

Yep, I'm a goofball. So come listen to my goofiness Wednesday night.


  1. Woot! You did great, Mysti! I love your accent! :)

  2. Yay, Mysti. Sounded like y'all had fun. Missed the live broadcast, but listened to the archive.


  3. Lol, you're right! You're accent is awesome :p But you have the voice of a nice person, and I like that you laugh a lot :p

    I'd probably freak everyone out with my accent it's Ameri-British :p

  4. Whoo-hoo! Loved the interview, Mysti! Let me know how that "have a few drinks before the signing" thing works out. :-)

  5. Ha! I'll keep you posted. :) And thanks!


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