Monday, June 27, 2011

A Review of "Echoes and Illusions" by Mila Ramos

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You may remember my interview I had with Mila Ramos HERE. This past week, I read Echoes and Illusions.  Here's my take on it:

Mila Ramos brings together the paranormal and speculative sides of romance in this four-story anthology. Each story benefits from strong, vivid characters who are anything but pushovers. Every set of couples has shared a history full of hurt and regret. However, Ms. Ramos employs an interesting twist in each of them that is delightfully unexpected.

My favorite story of the four would have to be The Watchers, which involves angelic beings sworn to protect life on earth. Fine world-building and hot romance kept me turning the pages on this one. Each story is short enough for a quick read before bedtime or a long lunch break.

On a downside, I stumbled over some poor editing, and I think the collection could have benefited from a couple more rounds of drafting to make both grammar and storytelling tighter. However, the stories' strengths kept me reading, and I know that Ms. Ramos possesses the potential for even bigger and better things! I look forward to seeing her in action again.


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