Monday, October 3, 2011

"Herbert's Dilemma" Published in Fictitious Magazine!

Image courtesy of
Just in time for the Halloween season, my zombie short, Herbert's Dilemma is out at Fictitious Magazine

Please go check it out and the other great stories to add some BOO to your month.

On another great note, Jenny Twist is our winner for the Animal Scene Contest. Stay tuned for more contests, reviews, interviews and zaniness on Unwritten!


  1. I love that image! Great for Halloween and fits "Herbert's Dilemma" so well.

    And...Congrats to Jenny!

  2. Aw, can't get to it. The firewall at my work is blocking. I'll definitely check it out when I get home. :)

  3. I loved it, Mysti. You seem to be able to write in any genre. Well done!


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