Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Beaver Is Busy

It's Thursday, I think. Since I've not had a new post in a few days, I thought I'd assure you that I'm still alive and kicking. Between taking my kids here and there for summer fun, I'm working on promotional activities. I've decided not to force any fiction writing for the remainder of the summer, but to focus on writing up guest blog posts for my blog tours, since I can only get a few minutes of uninterrupted thought.

If the bug bites in and makes me write some fiction, then I shall surrender to the bug's direction. Meanwhile, look for these upcoming events:

1. Interviews with the MFF Contest winners.
2. Live events--check out the "See Me Live" page at the top of the blog. If you're anywhere near those areas, I'd love to see you.
3. Virtual blog tour from June 11-July 9 through Bewitching Book Tours. I'll be all over the blogo-sphere and I'll be posting my stops here each day. Stay tuned for the schedule.
4. Virtual blog tour from July 15-21 through Page Turners Book Tours.

Starting next week, look for posts each day. I hope you have a great summer!



  1. Hi Mysti. If you DO get the bug to dash off 500-750 words before the end of June, I'm running a fantasy flash fiction contest as part of the Summer Magic Appreciation Tour. Your MFF inspired me to include a writing challenge in this round!

    Best of luck with your blog tours!

  2. I doubt I'll get around to it this time, but thanks so much for the heads up, Daniel!! I hope you get lots of entries. Hey, if you send me your contest link, I can shout it out!


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