Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Virtual Book Tour Stop #12: A Vision to Die For, An Excerpt From Serenya's Song

Today's stop at The Book Hoard gives us an intimate look at one of the things that makes Serenya so special. And there's a giveaway too, doncha know!

Amy Lee as Serenya? What do YOU
think? Comments welcome.
It’s not like she didn’t have enough on her plate, with a cold, cruel husband who’s threatened the lives of her family and friends, and a growing love toward Jayden, the man she has to practice music with each day. Not only does she have to hide her feelings for him, but she must wear gloves to hide a birth defect that’s made her the subject of ridicule.

As if that were not enough, I gave Serenya the power to interpret dreams. This ability has been helpful to her and others at times, like when she interpreted a teacher’s dream and helped prevent a fire in the local school. But, the vision she has in this particular excerpt is far more vivid, and there seems to be no clear way to prevent what lies ahead.

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