Friday, October 26, 2012

October Flash Fiction #12

Nimal Eshwar

Dr. Bishop sat on his couch sipping coffee, thinking about the recent brutal murder of his team member. They’d been part of Central Genetics Organization’s Special Research Operation. He was punished barbarically, till death. The image of it made him shiver. The murderer, named Slain, had a message for Dr. Bishop “I will Find you” written in blood. He couldn’t oppose the trueness of that message; somehow Slain is going to find him. He tried to stay positive as much as possible. But at times like this, he couldn’t help himself. He knew he won’t stand a chance facing a savage evil.
His consciousness came to reality as the light went out in the hallway. Not again. He checked his watch, it was 10 past 8. The heavy downpour outside slowed to slight drizzle, he decided to go to the Electric room next to the Garage outside. He jumped into his coat and went outside with torchlight in his hand. As he passed the garage, he heard a thud near the lawn. He turned his light towards the sound but there was nothing. A light screeching noise near the fence made his hairs prick and even in that chill weather beads of precipitation started to form on his temple. He slowly wiped his sweat and continued to move towards the noise. His heartbeat rose with every step, the alienating fear of what lay ahead shriveled his body. He turned the light slightly downwards and the shadow of the monstrous beast clawing its prey on the fence startled him. He fell on the ground, torch slipping away from his hand. He breathed heavily in fear. The torch rolled towards the fence revealing a closer view of the beast, which was nothing but a fat cat munching its dinner. Bishop smiled sheepishly at how the recent events made him feel copiously unsafe.
After fixing the electric switch, he came back to check the lights. The lights were fixed perfectly. With satisfaction of the work he turned towards the couch. The door was ajar “I did lock the door, weird”. He heard the same screeching noise from the hallway. Horror struck him like a lonely locomotive.
He yelled in a shaky tone “Who’s there?”
There was no response but the screeching became audible. A black hooded silhouette came through the hallway with footsteps as calm as the dead. Like a child’s painting, the loosely flowing robes smeared the floor with blood that oozed from its body. It held a long shiny sword that dug through the wall as it glided. “It’s Slain,” Bishop fell on his knees, unable to think of the evil he had to encounter. He slowly crawled behind the couch. The Crimson Red eyes of Slain searched for its prey keenly. Bishop’s body started to tremble. He covered his mouth to deaden his echoing exhalations and continued to crawl towards the drawing room as the stair case barricaded Slain’s view.
A raspy voice questioned him “How are you doctor? Remember Me?”
Slain jumped from the staircase and stood before him. Dumbstruck, he looked up to witness the monster up close in person. Slain licked the swords with an evil laugh that rang through the house. Bishop jerked to his feet and ran towards the kitchen. He panted and switched off the lights. He took a knife from the tray and stood behind the door. But fear dominated his anxiety to know the reason behind Slain’s hunting. He was drenched with sweat. A shadow approaching the door halted his breathing. Slain cut through the door and guided his head through the hole.
The fleshy face was covered with black mask, but there was blood oozing all around its mask.
“Gotcha Doctor”, his shouting sprayed blood on his face
“Eat this”, with a loud shout Bishop pierced the knife into Slain’s head. But to his horror it didn’t pierce its head. With a heavy push Slain tried to open to door, in that fraction of moment Bishop tried to veer towards the cupboard. But the sheer power of Slain rammed him to the floor.
Slain walked towards him slowly, like a beast stalking its prey
“What… What do you want from me?”
“It’s you doctor, you of all men, YOU”
Bishop moaned in pain as Slain drove the sword into his right ankle.
 “Why… Why, why are you doing this?” yelled bishop in unbearable pain
“GOD” shouted Slain. He was stunned to hear that word. It still hung in front of his face.
“Inveraity? You aren’t dead?” exclaimed Bishop raising his head
“No, you maggot, but I’m dying everyday”
Slain kicked his chest and the power of his blow bounced his head on the floor. Bishop felt dizzy and bleeding from his head.
“I don’t go by that name, I Call myself SLAIN”
He still couldn’t believe what he had heard. Operation G.O.D-Genetics over Dynamics was initiated to create a super human with a team of 4 members headed by him. The subject William Inverarity was tested with the drug, which resulted in uneven distribution of cells and death of the subject. They‘d closed this project because of that failure and the subject’s body was buried near a lake. This had been a confidential operation that had no approval from the government, as it involved human testing. William Inverarity a fit young man accepted to be a subject because of his financial position. His involvement was kept confidential.
Slain pulled the sword from Bishop’s ankle. Bishop groaned in pain, Slain positioned him on his knees.
His heart sank in fear at the thought of Slain’s previous murders. I don’t wanna die.
“I had Family, Friends and Life. You ruined all that” whispered Slain at his face
He placed the blade in his neck and cut him fiercely “No one plays GOD except GOD himself”


My name is Nimal and I’m a budding writer. I am 27 years old. I like to read and write. This is my first competition. Dramas are my go-to writing. But this is my first time experience on horror writing. Hope this one goes well.


  1. Great job on this Nimal :) The story was nicely paced and filled with rich details which left me hanging on until the end. Nicely done and happy writing to you!

    1. Thanks Leila for your comments. Wonderful to hear from you.


  2. Hats off to you budding writer, but this one doesn't look like as if this is your first horror writing ;)

  3. Thanks guys,

    I have to credit my friend (esther sunita: G+) for helping me out in editing and reviewing this story. She has put her valuable time in doing that. Thanks to my "In-House Editor" as she likes to be called ;)


    1. Thanks! And any amount of editing wouldn't have done any good if it wasn't for the creator.... Like putting make-up on...

  4. Good job, great imagination. Scary!

  5. It was like watching some science fiction horror movie Nimal..great work..looking forward to read more of your writings..all the best.. :)

  6. It was like watching some science fiction horror movie Nimal..great work..looking forward to read more of your writings..all the best.. :)

  7. It was like watching some science fiction horror movie Nimal..great work..looking forward to read more of your writings..all the best.. :)


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