Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nickel Nasties Series #13: Won't You Be My Romance Novel Valentine? by Ruth J Hartman

Welcome to the Nickel Nasties series! In celebration of my first scathing Amazon review for A Ranger's Tale (1 in 58 ain't bad), I've decided to devote February to the stories that garner so much stereotype and ridicule, but still comprise one of the world's best-selling genres: ROMANCE! I hope you'll enjoy this series. Please leave comments for the wonderful contributors. And...don't forget to check out their books!

Won't You Be My Romance Novel Valentine?

We’re only a few days past Valentine’s Day. The flowers have wilted. The candy consumed. The cards put away in a drawer somewhere. It’s a wonderful, romantic holiday, if it could only last longer! A co-worker of mine had roses delivered to her at work. All the other women, of course, wished they’d been delivered for them.

 My sweet husband didn’t get me flowers. But he did bring home a pizza. And after I’d worked all day cleaning teeth in the dental office, that pizza tasted like heaven. Even so, the evening spent with my Valentine was over too quickly. Back to the everyday work and housework. Back to the humdrum routine.


A romance book is something different. Unlike flowers, it never wilts. Unlike candy (or pizza) it isn’t edible, and unlike a card, it may get read several times over if it’s one of my favorites.

Who doesn’t love sitting down under a blanket with a romance that melts your heart, and sends warm fuzzies all the way to your toenails? Makes your heart race and your lips smile?

Seems to me, more people should be getting books for Valentine’s Day. Hey, why not any holiday? Wouldn’t it be fun to receive a romance novel on National Potato Day? And the book wouldn’t even have to mention vegetables!!!

Or the best yet, if you receive a book as a just because present. And there’s nothing stopping you from getting yourself a gift!

Now let’s be honest, it doesn’t get much better than that, right?

So run out and grab a romance story for yourself. It lasts longer than pizza and doesn’t have any calories!

Ruth J. Hartman spends her days cleaning teeth, and her nights spinning sweet romantic tales that make you giggle, laugh, and all-out guffaw. She, her husband, and their three cats, love to spend time curled up in their recliners watching old Cary Grant movies. Well, the cats, Maxwell, Roxy and Remmie, sit in the people's recliners. Not that the cats couldn't get their own furniture. They just choose to shed on someone else's. You know how selfish those little furry creatures can be.

Ruth, a left-handed, tooth-scraping, Jeep driving, farmhouse-dwelling romance writer uses her goofy sense of humor as she writes tales of lovable, klutzy women and the men who adore them. Ruth's husband and best friend, Garry, reads her manuscripts, rolls his eyes at her weird story ideas, and loves her in spite of her penchant for insisting all of her books have at least one cat in them. Or twelve. But hey, who's counting?

Rescued by a Duke by Ruth J Hartman:

Sasha Douglas has hit rock bottom. Literally. Left all alone after her brother's murder, she thought things couldn't possibly get worse. Until she finds herself trapped, injured, and frightened with no hope of escape after falling into an abandoned well.

Garrett Rothchild Cantlebury, the 5th Duke of Ravensworth, is shocked to discover a woman trapped in his abandoned well. The place that holds reminders of horrible loss for him. Determined to save the poor girl, he pushes those thoughts aside, refusing to dwell on them. But the rescued damsel in distress ends up making him face a darker truth. One that threatens both their futures.

Can Sasha and Garrett put family tragedy behind them and find love together?

Pick up your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!


  1. Hi Ruth, thank you for a very nice article. I agree, a good romance book would linger much longer than flowers or candy. I've been devouring regency romance books lately. I could never write on though, because researching history... yikes, way too much work.

    I will look up your website and definitely read Rescued by a Duke. There's just something about royalty that draws one in.

    1. Thanks, Leona :). I never thought I'd write a Regency Romance either, but after the first one, I was hooked! Thanks for your comment :)


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