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Nickel Nasties Series #5: Crazy Romance and Reviews

Welcome to the Nickel Nasties series! In celebration of my first scathing Amazon review for A Ranger's Tale (1 in 58 ain't bad), I've decided to devote February to the stories that garner so much stereotype and ridicule, but still comprise one of the world's best-selling genres: ROMANCE! I hope you'll enjoy this series. Please leave comments for the wonderful contributors. And...don't forget to check out their books!

Crazy Romance & Reviews

Jody Vitek

Romance comes at us unexpectedly. Romance is something you don’t plan. Romance is a beautiful thing. Several months before I was set to move out west to work on a guest ranch, I met my husband. I called my soon to be employer and told them I wouldn’t be coming to work for them because I met someone.
Crazy? Depends on how you look at it. My mother thought this was a mistake, another simple boyfriend, a relationship that wasn’t going to last. Three months into this relationship I was engaged and a year later, married. I’ve proved my mother wrong. We’ve been married for 23 years and have three beautiful children. Crazy? Not to me. Romantic? Depends on who you ask.
This brings me to romance book reviews. As authors we depend on reviews to help promote and sell our books. I’ve been fortunate, so far, to receive positive reviews for my book Florida Heat. I have read some nasty reviews of authors I read and know and question what the reviewer’s motives were. Do they feel it’s necessary to be so nasty? Why not be honest without the negativity? It can be done. Can a book be that bad? And if it is, why finish reading it? Something was good about the story if you continued reading and finished the book. Why not focus on the good mixed in with the reasons why you wouldn’t recommend the book.
I have written reviews and never found a book I didn’t like. They may not make it to my keeper shelf, but I don’t hate the story so much that I rip the book and author apart. As an author, I only want honest reviews. If you don’t like my book, I’m okay that. I can’t please everyone. I, like my fellow writers and authors, write the story that is within me. Within my heart. If I’m satisfied with the story, that’s all that matters. If my story gets published, it shows my publisher believes in me too.
Remember, the romance genre has a large varied assortment of worlds for you open the cover and travel to. If you don’t care for where you’re traveling, close the cover and open the pages to a new destination. Free your mind and escape.
Florida Heat by Jody Vitek
Find it at Amazon!
Horses, offshore powerboat racing, and two men, bring intrigue, love and danger to her simple life.
Maggie Carlisle thought she left her ex-husband’s drug life behind in Texas. Left with a physical scar, she struggles to shed the emotional pain and falls in love with Trent Randall. But, Kevin Shaw, a man from her past, looks for revenge through Maggie. Emotional blackmail forces her to choose between true love with Trent or a life based on lies and deception with Kevin.
Trent Randall, a boarding and breeding ranch owner and offshore powerboat driver, loses focus of his racing when Maggie enters his life. Trent contemplates whether Maggie’s worth the danger after he is involved in a racing accident. Trent can’t help but let his heart lead the way when he finds out Maggie’s in trouble.
Florida Heat is available through Melange Books, LLC, as well as other eBook retailers.

About Jody:
Born and raised in Minnesota, Jody has remained close to home living with her husband of twenty plus years, three children and a cat named Holly. Growing up, she enjoyed reading V.C. Andrews' the Dollanganger series, starting with Flowers in the Attic, S.E. Hinton, and Stephen King to name a few.
She has traveled throughout the United States, to the Bahamas and Cancun, Mexico. Between watching soccer games, scrapbooking and being the COO of the Vitek household, she writes contemporary romances.
You can find out more about Jody on her website at, follow her on Twitter at, and like her on Facebook at!/pages/Jody-Vitek-Author/142820225824162


  1. Nicely done, Jody: who wouldn't agree with your review philosophy? I graded papers for years and always tried to observe that rule, some good with any bad. But, as the food critic says in "Ratatouille"- "Negative criticism is easy to write and fun to read." What he goes on to say is also very meaningful.
    Onward and upward- which doesn't mean I'm looking forward to my first negative review...
    Will Hahn

    1. Thanks for stopping by Will. I'm not looking forward to mine either, and I know it will come eventually. I will try to remember - onward and upward, for when that time comes.

    2. Ditto the thanks, Will! Big goal for me is to turn negatives to positives when I can. Hence this series. Why not celebrate my favorite genre and my fave writers of it? :)

  2. Thanks Mysti for having me here today as a guest for the Nickle Nasties Series.

  3. Hey, Jody,

    I liked reading the VC Andrews series too. Florida Heat is a great story. I hope people check it out. Joyce

  4. Chiming in a bit late but enjoyed the post!

  5. I'm chiming in even later! Got visitors. Out every day! But I loved this, Jody. My philosophy exactly.

  6. Hi Jody - I think how you met your husband and what you decided to do is crazy romantic :) That's a leap of faith.


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