Monday, October 28, 2013

Let's Check in on Some Old Friends...

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Sometimes I wonder what happens to my favorite characters after I've typed "The End". When that happens, sometimes they pop into my head for a quick visit. Here's Jayden and Serenya from Book Two of the Tallenmere Series, "Serenya's Song". 

Me: Hey guys, it's been a while. So, Jayden, um...why is there a bandage across your nose?

Jayden: Funny story. Serenya was bent over at the waist, brushing her lovely raven-black hair, to add bubbles or something.

Serenya: Body.

Jayden: Yes, body. Anyway, I couldn't resist. All I wanted was to wrap my arms around her and kiss that delicate skin on the nape of her neck. Of course, just as I got close, she springs up, throws her head back and WHAM! Right into my nose.

Serenya: I heard the crack. Terrible.

Jayden: Yes, blood everywhere, and I'm holding my nose and flailing about when the twins come running to see what all the ruckus is. They start crying-

Serenya: Actually, the girls were laughing. You were crying.

Jayden: Whatever. It did hurt, you know.

Serenya: I'm so sorry, darling. I had no idea you were behind me.

Me: So, lesson learned?

Jayden: Obviously. Love hurts!

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