Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Your Food Story #4: Grammy's Soup by Rebecca Barray

Welcome to the What's Your Food Story contest! Here is story #4 of our five entries. Enjoy!

 If you'd like to submit your own food story/recipe, see all the details here: http://mystiparker.blogspot.com/2013/08/new-contest-for-september-whats-your.html DEADLINE: CLOSED

Winners and prizes TBA soon!

#4 Grammy's Soup

Rebecca Barray

The sun began to set, sinking just below the trees. Lying on my bed and looking out the window was all I could bear to do. I saw him in everything; he was everywhere. When I closed my eyes, his lopsided smile lit up his eyes. When I went outside, the sun was the warmth of his hand in mine. I blinked and a tear slid down my cheek, brushing the exact spot of the last kiss he gave me. My stomach knotted and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten. I wondered why I should bother.
“Don’t come in here trying to infect everyone with your melancholy, Jo Lynn. I’ve had about enough.” Grammy scolded me without even looking up from the large pot on the stove.
"But I loved him, Grammy. I’ll never love anyone else the way I loved him, as long as I live. He was the one. You just don’t understand.” I plopped down at the table, sighing heavily. I couldn’t go any farther.
“Oh, I reckon I understand well enough,” she smiled. “You just need some a’ Grammy’s tomato soup. It’ll cure what ails ya.” She sat a bowl down on the table, right in front of me.
“Grammy… there is no cure. I feel like I’m gonna die,” I groaned.
“Jo, take your soup out on the porch. It’s a little chilly, so put on your sweater first.” I started to complain, but she cut me off. “Just go. I have a feeling that a little fresh air is just what you need.”
I was almost halfway through my soup when I saw him. His dark hair fell just into his eyes and he would shake his head in the cutest way to get it back out. He pulled his sweatshirt off, his hair sticking up all over, and carried another box into the house across the street. I picked up my bowl and went back inside.
“Grammy, I’m gonna go take a shower.” A smile crept across my face as I passed her.

“See? I knew a little a’ Grammy’s soup would make you feel better…”


Rebecca Barray is a mommy, writer, reader, photographer, and perpetual student. She spends most of her time chasing toddlers, but her precious free time is spent writing, photographing, and learning as much as she can about anything. She has three energetic children, a fun-loving husband, a messy cat, a lazy dog, and some very resilient fish. 

You can find her on FacebookTwitter, and Becca's Blog.

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