Monday, March 17, 2014

SPECIAL St. Patrick's Day Opportunity: Buy a Book, Save a Life!

Hiya peeps!!! I've got a very special St. Patty's opportunity for you! Author Bree T. Donovan has generously decided to give all the proceeds for her fantasy novel Blackthorns of the Forgotten to a wonderful charity--the Almost Home Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Pennsauken, NJ!

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Why is this cause so important to Bree? I'll let her tell you:

I’d like to express my gratitude to Mysti for allowing me this opportunity to tell her vast blog audience about my novel and my pet cause. Making the choice to donate the proceeds of my book; Blackthorns of the Forgotten, was one of those ‘no brainer’ decisions. For years I have been painfully aware of the plight of the homeless and abused animal population in our country and abroad.

Author Bree T. Donovan
Your attention may have been drawn to Sochi during the Olympics and the scores of homeless dogs roaming the streets; those who weren’t unfortunate enough to be “disposed of” by the local government. Whether it’s across an ocean, or literally in your own neighborhood; there are animals who have never known what it is like to be loved and the comfort of a home, and those who have been a treasured part of a family for years suddenly dumped off at a shelter for reasons as inane as “we don’t want him any more.”

Many people have asked me why I spend so much time helping animals. Why don’t I help people? Aren’t they more important? My answer is twofold. I hope that each of us finds a cause to be passionate about: the environment, animal welfare, human health care, child and family advocacy, just to name a few. If this became the norm, think of the tremendous impact on our world. As the great Chief Seattle said: All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

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Ireland: leading toward, and crossing over the new Millenium. Gillean Faraday is a successful international musician. His self-made stardom has afforded him every comfort of the material world. But also the self-destructiveness of an artist who has all but sacrificed his soul for fame. His marriage and family are disintegrating.
It is during this period of chaos that Gillean develops a relationship with a supernatural being called Sully, who has chosen to act as Gillean’s guardian – Gillean’s angel. Gillean and Sully are polar opposites who just happen to have the extraordinary connection of soul mates. The powerful connection between Gillean and Sully becomes complicated when other beings from the hidden world interfere.
Good and Evil collide in the tangible form of these characters’ strengths, weaknesses and complexities.
Blackthornes Of The Forgotten is a powerful story of love in its purest form, set in an Ireland that delicately superimposes modernity with the traditions of the paranormal past.

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