Saturday, November 29, 2014

30 Days of Thankfulness + Big Giveaway #29

Welcome to November and Unwritten's next BIG event, 30 Days of Thankfulness, featuring a tremendous giveaway that will be PERFECT for a reader on your Christmas list...or a gift for yourself!!! We are giving away a...

Yep, you heard me right, but that's not all. All authors participating in this month's event have also generously donated a Kindle copy of one of their books so you'll already have some great stories to read when you curl up with your new Kindle!! To enter, just complete all the easy entries on the Rafflecopter on the bottom of this page. Today let's hear from author SC Dane and what she's thankful for :


Why am I grateful to Michelin and a black box linked to the stars? Road trekking, my friend. I’m a nomad, voyaging from one job to the next to pay my way across the U.S. Three years ago I bought a camper-van and a GPS, loaded my dog on board, and started traveling. How can a forty-five year old woman be grateful for financial insecurity, potential danger, and missed exits?

Freedom. The exhilaration which comes from devouring ribbons upon ribbons of open road. Where the road less traveled isn’t a metaphor, but a bumpy rock-strewn mountain pass. Trekking has had its challenges. But that was the point. I’ve uncovered truths about myself, tapped into strengths I thought I lacked.

But most important, I’ve discovered a common thread woven from one coast to the next: Goodness still reigns supreme in the hearts of the people. If I’d stayed in my safe corner of Maine, I would have never learned (in spite of the evening news’ messages to the contrary) that no matter where or how people live, they are still kind, generous, and nobly heroic in their struggles to eke out an existence.

So, during this holiday season of reflection, I’m grateful for my four rubbers tires and my Garmin GPS. Without them, I wouldn’t have seen this great country. Or the greatness within those who populate it.

~S.C. Dane


S.C. Dane, born of this earth, has survived upon it fully aware she'll leave it. She delights in her life, knowing the seasons provide, and time is elastic. Currently, she’s on an American version of a walkabout, traveling where her heart and the odd job takes her.

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  1. I am Thankful for my kiddos and having a roof over our heads and food in our tummies Praise God

  2. My education! Without it I would not be able to experience the joy of reading! :D
    Mary G Loki

    1. Gotta go with you, Sayomay. Learning to read is most likely the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.


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