Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Guest Post and Giveaway from my not-so-evil twin...

Otherwise known as Misty Rayburn, who runs a fantastic book review site called The Top Shelf. Like most people worth knowing, I met her on Facebook. We're both a couple of goofballs, so I figured we must be twins separated at birth. To celebrate her website's 1st birthday, she's hopping all around and trading up blog posts. Today, she's taking over Unwritten and I'm sneaking in to rearrange her furniture at The Top Shelf. Be sure to click on her link above to see what mischievous deeds the evil one (me) might be up to.

Misty also has a book giveaway, so pay attention! When you read her post, check out the great book, leave a comment with your e-mail, and if you're lucky, the gods will smite you you will win!

Now, for my not-so-evil twin. Take it away, Misty...

So today is Tuesday and it’s been a really off day.  It’s gloomy and real life needs a pause button, maybe a mute button at least!  I’m sitting here thinking about what to write for this very blog and I realize.. I’m totally sitting on my phone! Ugh hope I didn’t butt dial anybody..  Nope I didn’t.  At least that’s good!

I’ve spent most of my day fighting with a blog post that shouldn’t have been that hard to post.  Sometimes wordpress just doesn’t do what I tell it to! So while I’m fighting with it, I decide to see how many people on my Facebook page I can make “honk”.

So I post “Honk if you ♥ The Top Shelf!”

Nothing will bring a smile to your face quicker.  Honestly! Try it and you’ll see! It’s actually quite comical. 

Most of the things I do are by the seat of the pants like that.  I talked about surprises in an earlier blog.  Where I check my mailbox and find something I remember agreeing to but didn’t write it down.  Well I tend not to plan out anything for too long. 

Misty and Mysti before they were adopted :)
Romance-a-Thon in 2010?  Spur of the moment.

Valentine’s Week E-Book EXPLOSION?  Spur of the moment.

The Spontaneous E-Book Giveaway That’s Going on for No Good Reason?  Well that speaks for itself doesn’t it?

Even this party I only said I was going to do it.  I spent most of the two weeks setting up giveaways and scheduling blog spots for me.  What I talk about at each spot is not even planned.  Just a few ideas popped into my head when I said yes to a few people.

I’m not the planning type.  When I want to do something, I run into it head first.  Not the smartest way to go in but I seem to adapt well enough.  Keeps me on my toes and that’s how I like it.  In general, it keeps things random and fun.  I don’t know what I’m gonna end up doing from one day to the next.  Just a general idea.

In January, I’m teaming up with Jon F. Merz to do what we’re calling “The Month of Lawson”.  All that’s set in stone is I’m going to read and review the whole Lawson series.  Jon says he wants to be on for an interview or a guest blog.  We might get the cast of The Fixer TV series.  It should be a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to planning that out a bit more with him in December. 

After I finish one of these sporadic off the cuff events, I just think to myself “How in the heck am I going to top that?”  I always find a way.  It usually comes to me a few weeks before the event and the whole thing starts all over again.

 Two copies of Hope for the Holidays by Dana Taylor will go to two lucky commenters. Just leave a comment along with your email addy (like: mystiparker (at) yahoo (dot) com). Misty will notify you ASAP.

And here's the scoop on this heartwarming book:
Raise your spirits with these three stories of hope, family, and a touch of the angelic. During the Great Depression, "Shiny Green Shoes" bring hope to a town down on its luck. A woman caught in a natural disaster changes her priorities through "Refiner's Fire." Los Angeles, 1960--A failing actress is transformed by a little girl and her celestial companions in "Patty's Angels".


  1. The month of Lawson looks like fun. Then again, a lot of things TS does is rather fun.

    D.G. Gass (DGGass at gmail dot com)

  2. Great article, Misty! I'm really loving what you have scheduled for the Romance-a-Thon and Valentine's Week E-Book. Thanks! :)

    As an author, I would usually step back from contests to give readers a better chance to win, but this book sounds wonderful. I love stories I can read and finish on the fly so please enter me for a chance to win this one.

    Candace Bowen Early
    (cbearly at knightseries dot com)

  3. Okay!! The picture cracked me up. I wonder if I were a twin if I would be the evil one???


  4. What can I say, but... "HONK!"


  5. Love reading all the blogs - and love your "evil" twin!

  6. Congrats to Doug Dutcher and Pam Stack! I will be contacting your shortly with instructions to claim your prize!

  7. That was a very fun and cool blog post. I often struggle for what to write. Then when I have a good idea, I'm too busy to write it and I forget. I love the "seat of your pants" approach. Keep up the good work!


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