Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Review of "Guilty as Charged" by Anna James

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Nicole Bradford left her dreams behind in NYC when her parents died in a car crash. At only 21, she had to care for her two teenage sisters. Now, six years later, she's holding down two jobs, one at the engineering firm of Paradis and McNamara. Unbeknownst to everyone else, she also works nights as a waitress, but only because of a dark secret from her life in the city that wiped out all the money she'd saved for her sister's tuition.

Enter Max Paradis, partner and brother to Nicole's boss, Reed. He's been living in Saudi Arabia for a while, in part to get away from his own jaded past.

For Max and Nicole, sparks fly instantly, but not necessarily in a good way. Max's heart has been broken before, and he's instantly distrustful of Nicole. The two of them grow closer despite the distrust, but when someone from her past shows up unexpectedly, Max's fears appear to be confirmed. As they prepare for Reed's wedding to Nicole's sister, the two of them will either have to clear the air and forge a future together or part ways and live separate lives.

This contemporary romance from Anna James was a quick and enjoyable read. Pacing was good and kept me turning the pages. Max and Nicole are both strong characters, and the interwoven plot lines with Nicole's sisters and the upcoming wedding added to the complexity and poignancy of the tale. The love scenes are sensual, but not graphic, just enough to make you root for the characters to pull through their obstacles.

Better yet, Nicole's sister Natalie and her new husband Reed appear in the next book of this trilogy, which I plan to read next! I'd recommend Guilty as Charged to any contemporary romance readers out there. Pick up your copy today!

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  1. Great review, Mysti. Makes me want to read the book.


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