Saturday, November 19, 2011

Need Books for 10,000th Hit Giveaway!!

See? They just can't wait!

I'm about 500 hits away from 10,000. I celebrated my 5,000th hit back in June with a huge giveaway. I want to do something very similar with this one. Please see this link to see what my 5,000 hit event was like:

The way it worked was that authors had a certain number of books available. People would comment and win on a first come, first serve basis. I kept up with all that were given out and crossed a line through when a title was gone. It went VERY smoothly! I sent each author the winner(s) email addy to send their prize. 

Now, for this one, if I get a lot, I'll probably just post them in groups of separate genres, along with title, book cover, and how many are available. Then I'll link it to the blog/website/store where they can go to read a description. 

So...authors, if you want to participate, please send your book titlecover, and blurb (I won't post that if there a lot of books for space reasons), and also a good link so readers can find out more about it. Also, I'll need to know how many copies you can give away and in what format (print, .pdf, .mobi, .prc, etc). 

NEW for this giveaway: If you have any merchandise you'd like to offer (posters, mugs, etc), I can list that too. Just include what and how many in your e-mail. 

***DO NOT send me your book files or merchandise. I'll send all winners to you.*** 

Please put 10,000 Hit Giveaway in the subject line and send me an e-mail to if you want to participate, and thank you in advance! 

As soon as I get that 10,000th hit, I'll launch the event, which means probably in the next couple of months. I'll keep you posted! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
WARNING: The Care Bears will go feral and resort to  cannibalism if you don't participate!  Not really.


  1. Hi Mysti,

    Let me know if you think your readers would like my books:


    If you are interested, I will be happy to provide eBooks for both (the second book will be out Monday).


  2. Dang, I wish I had something out to help you with this. But someday, oh someday I will... and you should beware then!

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  4. Hey Mysti, can we offer up books on our bookshelves that we did not write, but that we loved when we read them? I'll soon be clearing out my bookshelf and I might have one or two books to give away!

  5. @Splitter--Absolutely! I replied on my CR post, but you can send the requested info (see above) and make sure you put 10,000 Hit Giveaway in the subject line.

    @Stef--I've no doubt in my mind!

    @Diane--Yes, as long as you own the hard copies and don't mind shipping them. I can add that all print books will only go to US Residents unless you say otherwise.

  6. Okay, thanks. I have two books I'm willing to give away.

    1. How Fiction Works by James Wood
    2. Writing Great Short Stories by Margaret Lucke

    Hope you can use them!

  7. Thanks Diane! Could you actually send me that book info via email at and put "10,000th Hit Giveaway" in the subject line?

    I'm filing all the donation emails into one folder so they'll be easy to access when it's show time :)


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