Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Review of "Duke of Her Dreams" by Olivia Ritch

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Kathryn Ragland woke up in an unfamiliar room after having gone to sleep with a small oil painting that had caught her eye at an antique shop. Imagine her surprise when she discovers she has, in fact, traveled back to the time of the painting, to 1816 Herefordshire, England.

Another surprise awaits outside her door--Captain Michael Stafford, who has arrived back from eight years of service fighting in the Napoleonic wars to fulfill his duty as the Duke of Asterleigh. He'd never really anticipated the title, but after his father and older brother both died mysteriously, Michael, a man of staunch loyalty and responsibility, didn't hesitate to come back home.

The enchanting, and seemingly lost Kathryn, however, throws a wrench in his plans. He's determined to help the poor lady with the strange tan and odd-colored hair. Of course, he's also in need of a Duchess, and she thinks he's the hottest man she's ever laid eyes on. You'd think the outcome would be obvious.

What follows, though, to my delight, were some nice twists and dangerous situations that threaten both their lives. Kathryn also has no idea how she came to be in the past, and has no idea how to get back. She misses her sister, Christine, terribly, but the ending gives you a hint that Christine may actually experience the same fate as Kathryn. Welcome, sequel goodness!

The only thing I had issue with in this lovely romance is that the POV switches abruptly within scenes, giving you a feeling of head-hopping. Other than this, I enjoyed this time-travel romance and can't wait for the next in the series.

I'd recommend this title for adults, especially those who enjoy regency and/or time travel romance. Pick up your copy today!

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