Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Review of "Cats & Cowboys" by Ruth J Hartman

Cats and CowboysCats and Cowboys by Ruth J. Hartman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cats and Cowboys is perfect for a quick read at bedtime or on your lunch break. Lanna is a single city girl who's just moved to a sleepy Texas town with her fat cat Gordon in tow. She manages the local post office and experiences quite a few quirky characters during her first few weeks. They're tolerable enough, but when grumpy cowboy Jackson arrives, sparks (and fur) flies. Sure, Jackson's hotter than the Texas summer, but he's about as lovable as a Brillo pad. Worse yet, he equates cats to nameless rodent-killers. A relationship with Lanna doesn't seem possible where Gordon is concerned.

Thanks to an encounter with a cow and...nope, I won't give anything else away. You have to read it for yourself to see if love can reconcile the differences between cat and cowboy!

If you enjoy sweet romance, you'll love this and anything Ruth J. Hartman writes. If you're also a cat lover, you'll be addicted to her work. Go grab your copy today!

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