Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let's Get Scientifical #17: Love at First Sight--Myth or Reality?

Welcome to Unwritten's February blog event! Of course, this is the month of love, so I wanted to celebrate that theme as I've done in year's past. But this year, I've decided to add a scientific spin to it. All month long, talented authors from several genres will write about some aspect of love from their books as it relates to science. It could be social, psychological, biological, or anything in between. Our blog event is sponsored by "HMC by Kate", a fabulous independent jewelry crafter. Kate's giving away one of her very beautiful necklaces that I think fits our theme perfectly. She's also offering everyone who stops in a 10% discount on any item from her Etsy store. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post and check out her lovely offerings! Without further ado, please welcome our guest author:

Love at First Sight--Myth or Reality?

by Tony Acree

In The Hand of God, when my protagonist, Victor McCain finally finds the woman he’s sent to find, Samantha Tyler, he falls instantly in love with her. Or perhaps, instantly in lust. Is there a difference?
Laura Schwecherl wrote a column in the Washington Post discussing the possibility that love at first sight might have a biological component, suggesting animals may have a pre-programmed perfect mate and when you see them, it is instantaneous. And I believe there is a case for two people to have a chemistry which matches up. But does instant physical attraction equate to love? When Vic and Samantha meet, the attraction is instant and hits him physically.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a research professor at Rutgers University, says, “Sexual chemistry does not always equal love, and this is because we’ve evolved distinct brain systems for mating.” Or in other words, just because your attracted to someone, doesn’t mean it will work out.

I think there is a combination of things when it comes to the science of love. Two people can have a quick chemical connection, that “something in the air” moment where you meet a person and the static electricity cranks up between the two of you.

But I also believe there is a part of the equation which science cannot explain. Humans are complex beings and I don’t think any one formula can describe why two people hit it off. You hear couples all the time saying, “we were meant to be.” Perhaps.

In the end, Samantha also finds feelings for Victor, but the attraction was not quite as immediate. One thing Vic knows for sure, though, is despite only knowing her for one day, he knows he will love her for the rest of his life. In the end, that’s all that matters, science be damned.  

Amazon best selling author, Tony Acree,likes putting characters in situations they think they will never survive, and find out if they're right. He lives near Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, twin daughters, two female dogs, a female cat, and says the way the goldfish looks at him, he's sure she's female, too. 

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