Friday, September 17, 2010

Roller Coaster

Do you find yourself on a criticizing roller-coaster? Even in the course of one day, I alternate between "Hey, I can write!" to "I can't write at all." How do you capture and hang onto the confidence? When I feel confident, I can sit and write for hours. It fuels the process, I guess. And then I'm open to learning new things, to editing what's not working, etc. When I get the blahs, I just want to walk away.

Today's starting off blah. I hope the roller coaster starts climbing again. I like the rush of the twists and turns, when the ride whips along, taking me to unexpected places. Being in the blahs is like waiting in line for two hours watching the lucky ones in front have their fun.

Maybe coffee will help.


  1. Don't be disheartened Mysti. Just relax for a while, be it a few hours, or days, or in my case, weeks. Eventually your muse will return with a vengeance. A casual remark by someone, or a throwaway comment, or a sentence in a book or a magazine, or even a detail in a photograph will trigger your muse once more. :)

  2. Thanks Jack! I know it happens to us all. I've got a good break coming up tomorrow. And I had a date night with my hubby tonight too--that always helps :P


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