Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Post by Author Fiona Dodwell

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On behalf of Bewitching Book Tours, I am proud to welcome Fiona Dodwell. Please give her all your attention as she presents:

Demons of Humanity

      Fiona Dodwell is an author from the UK who writes dark fiction. Her latest release, The Banishing, is a novel exploring demonic possession and domestic abuse. Here she talks about her latest release - and her thoughts on the demonic.

            I grew up fascinated by the idea of evil. When I was a teenager and first watched The Exorcist, I was awe struck by the idea that we, as human beings, could be taken over by an evil presence. I studied the alleged phenomena of demonic possession and found myself gravitating towards an idea that had never occurred to me before: what if demons didn't take over humans to scream and vomit and swivel our heads – what if demons can worm their way into human nature itself, in a far more subtle way?
            I think Hollywood and the aid of special effects has wounded our perception of evil over the years. We are constantly bombarded with visions of blood, violence and gore, but surely, if we are to study the roots of demonic possession, we find that evil can take a strong foothold in our lives in  a much more subtle, sinister way.
            When I wrote The Banishing, I wanted to explore the idea that evil can be planted in our lives without the drama and theatrics we have come to see at the cinema. What about the man who constantly commits adultery despite the loving wife at home? How about the young mother who injects illicit drugs into her veins? And, relevant to The Banishing, what about the man who was once a loving, committed individual who suddenly has a compulsion to hit his wife? To abuse her?
            That's what planted the seed that eventually flourished into my new novel. I wanted to take the well-known idea of possession and view it from a different take. Are we all at risk of spiritual oppression? Are the bad choices we make more meaningful than we realise? Is there a celestial war going on, where Satan and God fight for souls?
            Or are humans capable of becoming dangerous and evil through their own doing?
            The Banishing explores these themes, and if you'd like to find the answer to one character's journey into evil, you can purchase a paperback or e-book copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Damnation Books.

You can find out more about the author at:

Book Description:
When Melissa first notices the change in her husband - subtle at first - she thinks it may be the stress of moving into their new home. Or working long hours. But soon her husband turns into something far darker, far more sinister. Who or what is the dark shadow living beneath her husband? What is haunting him? Melissa must quickly find the answer to these questions, because Mark is changing, and fast. Soon her fight will be for her life, as well as for her marriage.
Genre: Horror

Author Bio:
Fiona Dodwell lives in the UK with her husband. She has studied an unusual mixture over the years, from film studies, theology and drama to psychology.
She grew up with a deep passion for horror, both in film and literature, and greatly admires the works of Stephen King, Susan Hill, Adam Neville and Bill Hussey.
She began entering fiction contests at a young age, winning several, and had some of her poems published.
Her first novel to be published, The Banishing, is a dark story exploring demonic possession and domestic abuse. She is currently submitting her second novel, The Obsession, for possible publication and is enjoying writing her third.



  1. Thank you very much for having me here on your wonderful blog!
    Don't forget, if you want a chance to win a copy of The Banishing, just leave a comment and add your email address :)

  2. Great post. I love the way you took an idea and applied it in a subtle manner to your story.

    Keep up the good work, Fiona.

    I'm not entering the draw, I already read The Banishing. A marvelous read through and through.

  3. great post. would love to win. always looking for new authors to read. keep writing the great books.


  4. Interesting, thanks Fiona!

  5. This comment came from "Debbie" on Goodreads:

    After seeing "Paranormal Activity" recently, it has stirred my interest in possessions. Would love to read this book.


  6. Glad to have you Fiona! Looks like my TBR list is growing again!


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